Sunday, 31 January 2010

back with a haul!!

The whole of the month of January i have been wishing February to come as it has been so stressful in terms of my work load. So come 5pm Friday night i was ecstatic and i had a big night planed to celebrate but before hand i hit the shops for a new outfit.... but i just couldn't help my self i had to buy make up!!! I felt i deserved it after the month i had! Though i do feel really guilty i couldn't help my self i just kept putting things in my basket :(. Here is what i picked up beauty wise....
unfortunately that is my first new yrs resolution broken :( however starting from tomorrow i am going to go to the gym at least two times a week and also I'm going to have a month of healthy eating! I might try the beauty ban again later in the year maybe march time after the launch of the Alice in wonderland pallet :D xXx

p.s reviews on product will follow as i use them


  1. I can never help myself either! I dont pick up a basket now - you can only hold a certain amount :)

  2. It's starting something that's the hardest part I think! I need to start going to the gym too. Looking forward to reviews! I'm thinking of finally getting a sleek palate hmm! xx

  3. I have to say i'm not that crazy on the sleek palettes, i know a lot of people love em tho. But with youon the Alice book of shadows, i cant wait! I made it over to blogspot by the way, come check it out



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