Friday, 22 January 2010

help with your NO.7 voucher ....part 1

So Boots again are doing when you spend £5 get £5 off NO.7 I love this offer and always spend the vouchers I get! I was looking threw my collection and saw i had quite a lot of NO.7 (way more than i though) so thought it might be useful to some of you to give you very quick reviews on the products, so to give you some ideas on what to spend you voucher on.

above: picture of the voucher
bellow: from left to right, under eye concealer, this product is quite light and i like the applicator. The next two product are eye mousse I think these are normally around £8 which is quite expensive considering how small the tube is. They do crease ever so slightly but i don't think i put a primer under them, so this may have been the problem. lastly is an eye liner its is a pretty colour and the staying power is really good! you can also achieve a very thin line with this which i like.

On top we have the eye liner in "Midas" second we have an eye mousse in "vanilla" and at the bottom is an eye mousse in "fudge". fudge is my favorite of the three and i have almost used up the whole tube!!

I didn't think much of these eye shadows, the colour pay off was poor when i last tried them however after swatching them tonight I think i have fallen re-in love so am going to try them out again tomorrow. (Yes i know I'm silly and that the swatches are a different way round to the picture of them in the pan). Going by the pictures in the pan on the left is "Khaki" and on the right is "Mink".

If you want a closer review of anything feel free to leave a comment bellow :)
part 2 should follow tomorrow!

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  1. I've already bought 3 no.7 products, and they've given me another voucher!
    I can't help but spend it as I think No.7 is a rip off otherwise so I don't mind spending £3 or £4 for some of their products then :)

    The colour of those mooses look gorgeous


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