Sunday, 18 April 2010

Haul 10! and NOTW

This is just a small haul that I picked up in T J Hues as they have some bargins on make up.

  • Sally hansen dimond shine top coat £2
  • Stila eye shadow in Tone & Launey £3
  • Revlon eyeshadow £2.50

I am in love with this colour been wearing it alllll week its Revlons new summer collection polish in "lilac pastelle" 031

Monday, 12 April 2010

Hyped up products that I'm glad I brought into and a few regrets!!

I'm not going to lie I love a bit of hype on blogger to me I find it exciting to hear about it, then to see it creeping into peoples hauls and finally reviews start popping up on my reading list. I then enjoy a trip into town to take advantage of introductory offers. So yes I'm a sucker for a bit of hype but hey its not doing anybody any harm, well only to my bank balance :)

Here are the products that were hyped on blogger and I'm thankful for as I would have probably over looked them....

I actually like Bourjois healthy mix foundation for when I don't feel like wearing such a heavy foundation and it covers pretty well. I like that it does not have a totally matt finish as I have been into the more dewy look lately. The concealer works really well under the eyes as it is a light liquid unlike more solid concealers which can look cakaey under the eye area. No so good for hiding spots though.

This is my first and only MSF its in "by candlelight" and I only purchased this due to the rave reviews it had on blogger. I can tell you know I am in love with this product i wear it nearly every day since I got it back in January so that is £19 well spent.

I would probably have picked up Maybellines falsies mascara anyway just souly on the packaging but I have really liked it so far there may even be a repurchase in the pip line.

I never looked at Revlon products before I starting reading blogs I always over looked it in Boots and Superdrug but my opinion about the brand has truly changed. I have worn this foundation three times so far and like its natural finish it gives, while concealing fairly well. As of yet I have not had any problems with the much talked about "glitter".

I use this Sleek "storm" pallet on a regular basis and I wouldn't have picked this up in Superdrug had it not been for blogger due to the fact that for the price I would have assumed that the quality of the product was rubbish.

I never wore lipstick before blogger but GOSH darling and Mac's cerem d'nude changed all that for the better.

As well as all the good products I have discovered there a been a few hyped up products I have had a short fling with but the relationship sizzled out fast. Here they are...

mac fix + = Just don't get it
Barry M 101= very dry, makes lips look chapped and also not flattering (on me)
Mac's lipglasses= These glosses sit in the lines on my lips and don't look nice at all

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Haul 9 and NOTD

If you read my last post you know that I was going into town to do a bit of shopping to pick me up. Here is what I got half planed half unplanned.

The blushers is NO.17 in "Bramble frost" it is more of a pale pink highlight than a blush and this is the reason I brought it as I am not a huge fan of blush. I then picked up the Hyped up Revelon photo finish foundation in "002 vanilla" possibly a bit light for my NC20 skin but nothing a dusting of Bronzer won't fix. I then picked up L'oreals lash serum as I wish to strengthen my eyelashes as I feel always rubbing them at night to get my mascara off must batter them a bit.

on to the polishes....

Revlons "031 lilac pastelle" , NO.17 "fairy cake", NO.17 "sherbet lemon" and finally Beauty UK "neon pink".

Hear are the swatches for the polishes.........

neon pink, lilac pastelle, sherbet lemon and fairy cake.

and here is what i decided on for my nails today, I wish I had kept them short though.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

thursday ramble and fix +

I'm a bit disappointed and a little upset, I had an amazing trip away to London planned with my boyfriend to celebrate our 4yr anniversary however unfortunately my boyfriend had a car crash. Thank god he was not injured but the poor car has gone to the car heven in the sky. Fortunately my boyfriend had ordered a brand new car which he picked up today but he was going to do a trade in and now he has to pay full price due to there now being no car to trade in (yes he is seriously annoyed). This means that all the money we had save for the trip has now gone on the car.

To make my self feel a little better I'm going to go into town and check out some of the new make up collection. I really want to see the Revlon photo ready foundation, Revlon's new lip glosses and Barry M's ice cream nail paints. So there will quite possible there will be a haul coming up shortly :D all ways look on the bright side and all.

my second little moan of this post sorry for the negativity of it all is I just don't get Mac's Fix + I can't seem to achieve the glowing finish on my foundation that everybody else seems to get. Maybe using a matt foundation means it is just not possible.....? I would just like you all to tell me how you uses your fix + and what other uses you have found for it?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Project bathroom update

I am slowly getting there here is a picture all off the empties that I have gathered in the last 2 weeks or so. I want do reviews on the products because they are quite boring but if there is something you spy and want to know more about it then feel free to ask in the comment section bellow :)

Actually one product which is defiantly worth a mention is the Lee stafford hair mask that is meant to make your hair grow, I love this stuff and i think it might be working so I will defiantly repurchase when I come off of project bathroom. 5 down 500 left to go!!!

March favourties part 2 ....finaly

  1. I have been using Bourjois healthy mix concealer as my under eye concealer and i actually really like it. It is quite light and blends easily. I is to light to use when you need to cover up a brake out.

  2. I have been reaching for Bourjois healthy mix foundation on days that i don't need my foundation to last 16hr because frankly this foundation does not do that. however i like the coverage and is lighter coverage than i usually go for but in fact i think it is working for more i feel less caked in make up and at the moment i am really in love with the dewy look and am so over the matt look. ( for this month anyway).

  3. I have been laying of the eye shadow this month and just been using a light brown all over the lid and then using an urban decay 24/7 eye liner pencil with lashing of mascara. The colours i have been loving and using daily are stash which is an olive green with flecks of gold, rockstar which is a deep eggplant colour I will defiantly be buying the full size and corrupt which is a true dark brown. swatches bellow :) flash has been used!

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