Saturday, 12 October 2013

Maxfactor Smooth Effect Foundation Review...

MaxFactor Smooth Effect Foundation 
Boots £7.99

When this foundation was launched is didn't make much of an entrance. It didn't seem at the time to be one of Maxfactors ground breaking launches, due to this when it was first released I looked at it but never bought as couldn't really see what it could do for me. Discovering it in Boots for £3 made it a bargain I purchased it in two different shades which were darker than I normally wear so it could be my go to foundation when I have a tan.

It claims "to glide on effortlessly for a smooth finish" is suitable for sensitive skin, oil free and won't clog pores. I love this products simplicity... it doesn't promise to make you look like you have been Photoshoped in real life, appear 20 years younger or becoming irresistible to every man.  It simple provides consistent coverage and hides the bits you don't love. What is unique about it is the way it feels when applying it, imagine rubbing baby powder into your skin and the soft talc feeling you get, well this is what putting this on feel like making it a pleasure. It gives substantial coverage but is not a product which  is as buildable as others as you can start to look a little too matte and old school foundation like. (A little up date...I am starting to realise when applied to the skin this foundation is almost undetectable! Think I might have to go out and buy my pale ghost shade.) 

It contains no spf which I appreciate as sometimes its hard to find a foundation which can be worn on a night out and not make you look like you have swallowed a white glow stick. The packaging is classic and reminded me of Make-up Forever. The squeezable plastic tube will make sure you get all your money's worth out of it. Talking of money it retails for £7.99 which I think is pretty decent value when a Maybelline or Rimmel product could set you back the same.

Overall this product doesn't promise to change your life and doesn't make far reached claims, it just provides a very nice base at a very reasonable price point. Those two things in themselves make this product rather unique and really rather refreshing!

Has anybody else given it a chance?


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  2. I'd love to try this out!!

    Emma from

  3. I have this foundation! I reall like it. It feels really lightweight on my skin :) it also gives good coverage for my acne scars!


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