Monday, 25 January 2010

final No.7 post :D

Sorry i was meant to do this last night but i just had lost of things to gt ready for today was more than a bit stressful :( but enough about that lol. These are the skin care items for No.7 that i own.

The quick thinking wipes are the best make up remover wipes i have ever used an i always pick these up with my vouchers they work out at £1.50, so i stock up I just love them and wouldn't want to use any thing elce.

The sauna mask it another repeat purchase it really warms up although this feeling didn't last as long as i would like i did however notices that it cleared up the brake out on my chin and for that reason alone i think it is going to be a bathroom shelf staple.

The moisture mask is ok and probably be really good for dry skin however i don't find myself reaching for this very often.

I love this calm skin serum which i use under my moisturiser morning and night this has become a staple in my skin care routine and i am almost on my third bottle. It has really helped to reduce the redness in my cheeks and has stopped my skin form flaring up as much.

I hope these series of No.7 post have help you all, what is your favorite NO.7 product?, I would love to know! :D xXx


  1. Thanks to you I am now mentally planning what Im going to buy with my no7 vouchers! definately going to have a look at the wipes, the eyeshadow in mink and some more of the cream eyeshadows!! thanks for all the reviews hun xx

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on the No 7 Range! I've always been curious to try them in stores, but have hesitated as I wasn't sure what were the hits and misses from that line..

  3. oh have you trid no 7 stay perfect foundation? Its actually really dewy and nice :)


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