Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Body shop........

The body shop has re promoted some of its old discontinued product, my favourite it the line of bath/shower gels. they retail for £3.99 and the smell Devine. I pick up the apple and the dewberry ones.
body shop

I have been using these as bubble baths as the weather is so cold a hot bath it just so appealing. My love for these product got me thinking what other product from the Bodyshop are there and so I browsed their website. It is really good as people are aloud to post there own reviews on their! Here is my little wish list for when I come of my shopping band!!!

body shop 2
I love the scent of apple and didn't realise the Body shop did this sparkling apple range of product so i cant Wait to get to the shop and smell them! They also do a warming face mask which got 5/5 on the reviews, and as my love has grown for all things warming lately I really want to try this. lastly this seaweed toner is relatively cheap for the Body shop and it got rave reviews so i though i might as well give it a go, i rearly use a toner in my skin care routine and would love to see if it actually would make a deference so though this would be as good as any to try. xXx

Has anyone elce tried any of these or do you have a different favourite product from the Body Shop???


  1. I have never actually used these before. I don't usually buy products from the body shop but i might just have to pop in there now!
    Thanks for the review(:

    xo S

  2. ooo i might have to try these, ive heard lots of good things .. i love the smell of Peach, so the fuzzy peach will be on my wish list!

    Such a good blog .. just kinda stumbled across it: gonna follow!would love it if you follow me xx


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