Thursday, 8 April 2010

thursday ramble and fix +

I'm a bit disappointed and a little upset, I had an amazing trip away to London planned with my boyfriend to celebrate our 4yr anniversary however unfortunately my boyfriend had a car crash. Thank god he was not injured but the poor car has gone to the car heven in the sky. Fortunately my boyfriend had ordered a brand new car which he picked up today but he was going to do a trade in and now he has to pay full price due to there now being no car to trade in (yes he is seriously annoyed). This means that all the money we had save for the trip has now gone on the car.

To make my self feel a little better I'm going to go into town and check out some of the new make up collection. I really want to see the Revlon photo ready foundation, Revlon's new lip glosses and Barry M's ice cream nail paints. So there will quite possible there will be a haul coming up shortly :D all ways look on the bright side and all.

my second little moan of this post sorry for the negativity of it all is I just don't get Mac's Fix + I can't seem to achieve the glowing finish on my foundation that everybody else seems to get. Maybe using a matt foundation means it is just not possible.....? I would just like you all to tell me how you uses your fix + and what other uses you have found for it?


  1. I primarily use Fix+ for pigments and dazzledusts. If you spray your brush with it before dipping it in, it minimises fall out. Alternativley if you use a lot, it can give a completley different look to the eyeshadow.
    I've never acheived a dewy glow, but i find a spritz of it near to the face just lessens the matte look, and can sometimes catch the light to look a little dewy.

    I hope you're not too shook up after the car accident, at least you've got a lovely new car!

  2. I have the fix+ and i dont know how to use it. i did spray it on my face, but i dont know... seems like a waste of money

  3. makeup shopping always makes me feel better, too! you deserve it :) glad he is okay, though xo

  4. Fix + is supposed to be used to set your makeup after application. I'm not too sure if it works well for that

    I use it for the following:
    1. Moisten my skin before applying moisturizer
    2. To apply eyeshadow/pigments to decrease fall out
    3. I spray it on my brush when I use my brow powder to make the lines more defined.
    4. Using e/s as an eyeliner
    5. Wet sponge/brush for foundation application.

  5. @makeupbykim - Thank you for all the great ideas x

    @phoebe- I am yet to own and dazzle dusts yes i konw shock horror. Due to the fact I just always thought major fall out, but after you idea i might try some out :) x

    @ it really did make me feel better :) x

    @Harpreet- maybe we will never get the hang of it :) x

  6. Yes I have fix+ too and it's nothing that a splash of Evian water wouldn't do too. Just a waste of money :( Honestly, if someone else was wearing it, I couldn't tell either. But, sometimes we want to see something so our mind tricks us that it's visible? LOL.

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