Monday, 18 January 2010

collection 2000 polish rave

just love the colour of these three polishes and they don't chip easily. You only need 2 coast to really get the colour to look like it is in the bottle. The price is also fantastic at under £2. I only have 3 of them but am seriously considering picking up some more.
from left to right we have Button moon 33, Dynasty 35 , Wham 27


  1. Ooooh yes I love these!! I have Button Moon, and another one I cant remember which. I love pastels xxx

  2. Those pastel colours look lovely, i've got the bright pink one, siren, which i really do love

  3. I love these colours, they are gorgeous xoxo

  4. I love them colours i may have to have a nosey at them myself. Collection 2000 polish is really good for the price it lasts longer than some more expensive brands

  5. @swah89- I was really suprised with the quality, hence my collection is growing x


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