Sunday, 28 March 2010

March favourites :) Part 1 skin care

So we are 3 months into the yr which is 2010 and already there has been many hyped up beauty products which I'm sure many have brought into, me included. So here is was I have been loving this month in the world of skin care and make up.

First is skin care

from left to right

  • This is the scrublet that comes with the l'oreal cleanser and while I didn't rate that, I do love the "scrubblet" that came with it and wish they sold these separately. I feel that it makes my cleanser work harder and really gets all my make up off and works down into the pores while gently exfoliating. I do know that soap & glory sell a similar face massager so I might have to purchase one of those when my L'oreal one gets mucky.
  • DR Nick Lowe , spot treatment gel is AMAZING it has cleared the brake outs on my chin like nothing else has ever done before, I will defiantly be purchasing a full size when the sample runs out.
  • Superdrug vitamin E illuminating moisturising cream, I have been using the everyday under my foundation and really really rate this product so much that I did a rave review on it. click here to check out the review.
  • Garnier pure active deep poor unclogging wash, I picked up this as my spots on my chin have gone but there marks still remain this product promises to fade them and so far I can see a slight improvement even after 2 weeks.

Part to will follow shortly

Friday, 26 March 2010

Soap and glory review and new layout

Hey all, I have been playing around with my blog layout today I still could not manage to get two sidebars so if anybody knows how to achieve this then please let me know! I think the new layout it a lost simpler which at the moment I like :) let me know what you think.

I got the soap and glory daily smooth in my big thrill hat box, the smell is not my favorite from the range and is described as bergamot,blackcurrant, magnolia with vanilla and musk. The product its self it as thick as a body butter, yet sinks in surprisingly quickly so thumbs up for that. however I developed a little rash on my left shoulder a couple of months ago so discontinued using any body lotions, I then began to use this again and the same rash has appeared so I am wondering if this is the cause. which is a shame :(

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have been meaning to put this up for a while, here is my small haul from last week :) This will be the last haul for, fingers crossed, 30days and counting i am going to go on project bathroom again for the second time this year after failing miserably as the beginning of the yr. So expect lot of reviews to be coming up. I think i might save the packaging and show you all what i have used up therefore i can track my progress ( even if it is slow) while giving my opinion.

so for the last time here is was i picked up in Boots the other day ( saying this saddens me)

  • Tresemme hair spray volume & lift , good for back combing hair on a night out £3 on offer at Boots.
  • Clearasil over night was , 2 for £7.50 at Boots
  • Clearasil over night serum , 2 for $7.50 at Boots
  • No.7 calm skin balm picked up with N0.7 voucher, this is my third bottle of this i love it and is a staple in my skin care regime.

so that is my final haul for 30days, i think i am already 4days in and so far so good, wish me luck :)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Every day make up storage solution

I do store my make up in a big set of draw but searching for it in the morning and then putting it back was something i was not amazing at my desk tended to look like this after a few days.........

So i pooped into tesco with my boyfriend last night to get dinner and these pink draws were half price as £4 so I picked one up, i decided to put into the draws things that i am using every day that week.I will show you what is in each draw if you see any thing you would like a review on then just leave it in the comments below. :)

Top draw

Middle draw Bottom draw I think i will rotate what is in the draws on a fortnightly bases so that i can rediscover and use things in my collection

Monday, 15 March 2010

Maybelline Falsies review

First off I would like to say hello and thank you to all my new subscribers, can't believe I have almost made it to 100!!! I get so excited when i log on to blogger and see my subscriber number has gone up.

So I picked up the mascara the other week and so far I'm liking it, the curve of the brush really helps to curl the lashes and coat each one with mascara. The formula is not clumpy always a plus. I tend to do about 3 coats, yes i know that may seem alot to some but i really do want the false look. Not 100% if it will be a repurchase or not yet but it is defiantly a contender.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Product rave, a bargin at under £2.50

I purchased Surperdrugs vitamin E illuminating moisture cream (and breath), after seeing it in Look magazine. I have been really into the dewy look recently so thought i would give it a go at about £2.40 for 50ml. I must say i love it so much, it really does make you look radiant and while it would be to shimmery if worn alone once under a foundation it just makes you glow! the cream its self is quite thick so apply thinly. It also has the added bonus of a spf 15! so to sum it up

  1. It makes you glow

  2. 12 hr moisturiser

  3. uva / uvb protection
  4. spf 15

  5. vitamin E for an antioxidant to protect the skin for the environment

  6. under £2.50


hand with out cream on, with flash on , p.s my hand is red as i have just scrub some swatches off

hand with illuminating cream , with flash on

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

haul 7 bargain!!

Bourjois healthy mix foundation and concealer have been all over the beauty blogging world, which of course made me intrigued to try it, however i decided against it. But then i was in Loyds the pharmacy the other day and they had it on offer which was buy the foundation and get the concealer free!!!! where as all the other drug stores had just been offering £2 off. I thought that this offer was way to good to miss so i went for it :) xXx

Monday, 8 March 2010

something a little different....

I have never done a book review before but i might start let me no what you think :) I really wanted to love the Twilight books and a did try but i just couldn't see what all the fuss was about. On the other hand i am a true Harry Potter fan and can totally see what all the fuss is about there. I picked up some books the other day with a voucher i had from waterstones for Christmas, as they has a 3 for 2 going on. Here is one of the books i picked up......

This in my opinion is the vampire version of Harry Potter its all about a normal girl who is "marked" by a vampire tracker and if she wants to live then she need to attend the House of Night boarding school to complete her transformation into a full changed adult vampire. although all the kids at the school have the mark her mark is different to everyone elces and gives her strange ability's which most "fledglings" can only wish they beheld.

I loved this book so much i read it in a day!!! so far it is in a series of 7 i don't know if more are to be written but i rushed out to by book 2 & 3 today and i cant Waite to get stuck in again. :) xXx

5/5 from me

hehe you will find this book in the teen fiction section of a book shop like you would twilight and so on :D

I also want to read True blood had anybody elce read those???????

Sunday, 7 March 2010

haul 6!

I popped into boots yesterday and here is what i picked up, i had £35 worth of points so i though i would spend some though this decision was made due to a lack of other funds. what i got ...

  • L'oreal perfect clean in dry/sensitive with the pop out scrublet, I have been drawn to this since i first saw it advertised so yes i am a sucker for advertisements and the PR people got me suckered (again *sigh*). I used it last night and I am so far impressed as the scrubblet it white you can literally see your make up come off which is quite satisfying.
  • Maybelline falsies mascara, any thing that promises big lashes i buy and the tube is pink enough said,.
  • boots tea tree nose strips, these get black heads out like a treat they are a repeat purchase i use them all the time.
  • Boots No7 wipes, best make up wipes i have ever used and boots are doing their No.7 vouchers again so i got these for about £1.50!!!

Check Spelling

Friday, 5 March 2010

NOTW :) and help with E.L.F

simple yet effective! created with a random black polish and some stickers from ebay

I have been wanting to do an order from e.l.f for ages just asking you all what you have found to be their best products to give me an idea of what to get! feel free to warn me away from products as well!! xXx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Max Factor goodies

Boots are doing an offer at the moment were you spend £15 on Max factor and get a free gift. I fancied a change from liquid foundation and having to apply it so wanted to try their miracle touch compact foundation. I also herd really good things about their facefinity compact powder and as i had run out of my benefit one and this was half the price i thought i would give it a go.

I got the powder in 02 ivory and the foundation in creamy ivory 40. I'm an NC20 in summer and NC15 in winter.

In side the gift was

  • kole pencil in black
  • nail polish in disco pink
  • lipstick in 510 English rose
  • marsterpice mascara
  • lasting performance foundation
  • voucher for £2 off their new mascara
  • 2 samples of their new second skin foundation

I think this is such a good gift so just thought i would share it with you as i was so excited :D xXx

Monday, 1 March 2010

Maybelline XXL extensions mascara

I brought Maybelline XXL extensions mascara recently as i wanted really volumised false looking lashes, maybe i was being to expectant! So onto the review

Brush: The brush is the old traditional style bristle brush which is quite petite when compared to today's brushes such as Mayballine's recent successes "the colossal".

Formula: The formula is not clumpy however it is also not long lasting as i put this on the other day for a lazy Sunday and with in 2hrs i had the pander eye effect! this alone means the mascara is not rated highly in my books.

The white primer: This was grate to add volume and length to my lashes and although this will not become my go to mascara i will continue to use the white primer under my favoured cover girl lash blast.

The black mascara: It is nothing special and reminds me of a very cheap mascara however it does not clump yet it does not lengthen or volumies either.

If anybody knows of an amazing mascara which gives the false lash effect to short eyelashes please let me know :D x
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