Saturday, 23 January 2010

No.7 part 2..

from left to right we have a concealer, tinted moisturiser, skin illuminator and a colour correcting make up base. I don't like the tinted mostriser as it leaves you skin really shinny and converge is very poor it also does not moisturise. I have been loving the skin Illuminator at the moment and am using it by mixing a big blog of it into my foundation before applying to my face and it makes me look lovely and awake :D

From top to bottom we have the colour calming base, tinted moisturiser, skin illuminator.

With the NO.7 voucher these polishes are only £1.25 such a barging so if you don't know what to spend you voucher on make sure you pick up one of these.

I'm not the impressed with the mascaras max factor is certainly a lot better , the Extravagant lashes mascara with the square brush is certainly in my opinion a gimmick and not very good.

part 3 coming tomorrow :D


  1. great post, is there an amount you have to spend to get a £5 No.7 voucher and also is there certain products you have to buy ??


  2. you have to spend £5 to get the voucher but it can be on any products from Boots :) x

  3. i thought it was, i spent £12 today on Rimmel stuff and never got one :( oh well! xxx

  4. Thank you for these posts hun they're really helpful!! I always end up with about 5 of these vouchers lol. I might have to try the skin illuminator xxx


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