Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Zara Bucket bag (picture heavy)

So here is another fashion related post from me.

 I love this bag so much as think it will go nicely with any summer dresses I wear as the colour is a lot less harsh than black. It also has plenty of room for all my junk so will also be perfect for uni.

There is also a strap that you can use if you so wished but I don't think I will. I think the price is very reasonable for such a big bag and from Zara. I love Zara but I always find there prices a bit hit and miss it is either really expensive or your pleasantly surprised.

My only qualm is that is doesn't have any zipped pockets but I am sure that I can live with this.

Hope everyone has a lovely day in this fab sunshine, lets hope it lasts till the weekend so we can crack out the BBQ's and the Pimms x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

H&M Haul...

H&M have so many lovely things in at the moment for fab prices. For the first time in ages I went into the changing rooms with armfuls of stuff to try on which rarely happens. After trying most of it on and going yuck, these are the three things that I did purchase. 

I loved the collar on this shirt and I like the fact it is longer at the back than the front perfect for leggings or low rise jeans. It is very sheer so for the brave you can just where a nude bra underneath or you would need a cami top underneath.

I ummed and ahhed over this playsuite, and then I saw so many other people in the shop pick it up I decided to go for it. My camera doesn't pick it up but it is covered in tiny little white hearts. I thought this would be perfect for those really hot days. This was the most expensive at £19.99. 

This is just a simple royal blue dress but I thought it would look really good with a brown belt and pretty sandals. It is a lovely light fabric so will be nice and light in the summer.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

BlanX tooth whitening review...

I know this is not make-up related but I guess it is beauty related. I wanted to whiten my teeth but I have always been worried about ruining the enamel so wanted to try something that was going to be gentle. I picked this up from Boots. This claimed to whiten naturally. I will make this a short and sweet review.

After using this toothpaste for 2months I have not noticed a significant difference. I am also a bit concerned that it is not providing my teeth with adequate protection. It doesn't particularly leave my teeth with the freshly brushed feeling either. Therefore, I doubt I will be repurchasing this.

I brought this to try and speed up the whiting process. I don't feel it has particularly done this but it does help my mouth feel a bit fresher but, does not do as good a job as some other brands I have tired. Again I most likely will not repurchase.

These products are not awful I just feel that they have not really done allot for me there is nothing to make them particularly stand out for me, however, others may have had a different experience.

Do you know any toothpaste that really do whiten while protecting your teeth?

Friday, 18 May 2012

Mac MSF collection.......

 from left to right , By CandleLight,   Soft and Gentle , Redhead

MSF's are one of the prettiest things on the beauty counters and while I have realized that many when swatched give the same result they are just too pretty to look at. For the moment these are the only three I need in my collection however, I doubt it will remain a trio forever. 

By CandleLight,  was the fist MSF I ever purchased and it was due to beauty blogs that I did. When it was released in a collection it was coveted  on the blogs so when passing a Mac counter I made a stop and swatch it to see what all the fuss was about. It was love, it gave such a beautiful sheen too the skin that I knew it had to be mine. This has got to be one of my best purchases as years later I still use is at least once a week  and has never left my make-up bag.

Soft and Gentle, was my second purchase. This one has a much more gold tone to it with a lot more sparkle. It has to be my least favorite out of the three purely as I feel it is the least wearable on my NC20 skin tone. I reach for this when doing my make-up for a night out as in that case sparkle is well and truly in.

Redhead,  I brought this when it was re-promoted recently by Mac as had always regretted missing out on the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead collection. This is fairly similar to By CandleLight in that it had more pink undertones than gold. However, what I love about this is you can choose which shades to wear sometimes I just used the shade on the left under my brow or for a pure highlight and sometimes I use more of the right side to make a nice blush.

What is your favorite Mac MSF?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Make-up For Ever Full Cover review....

This is the only Make-up For Ever product that I own and I must say it makes me want to try others. This is a full coverage waterproof concealer which discribes itself as extreme camouflage cream  and it does just that.

I used my mole as a reference point, its not the perfect colour on me purely as I have been using gradual tan but normally it is fine. With more time spent blending and with a powder I am sure you could completely cover moles. I have also used it on friends who have found themselves with random bruises after nights out and it works quite well.

I apply this under my eyes before foundation and it covers dark circles well and look natural once a foundation had been applied over it. I also use this to hind any redness on my face before foundation. The smallest amount goes a long way so the 15ml tube will last a while.

Overall I think it is a very good product for high coverage and it does stay put for a long time I often apply a little when I go to the gym as it is sweat proof.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Katy Perry Cool Kitty...

I purchased these for a night out the other day after much deliberating over which pair to pick. Does everyone else find it hard to predict what eyelashes are going to look once on just by looking at them in the packet?

I went ahead and got these, while they give a nice full lash line I found them really hard to apply. They almost feel like the cheap plastic ones you get of Ebay making it hard to get them to bend around your lash-line and stick correctly.

I probably would not repurchase again unfortunately. As when I finally got them to stick, I was worried all night that they were going to pop off or I would be left with the attractive look of half and eyelash falling off.

I have only worn them once and they seem to already have gone a bit out of shape but maybe that is my fault for pulling the glue off too carelessly and not storing correctly. On average I expect to get between 4-5 uses from one pair.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Boujois 1 second nail polish remover review...

So the above picture shows what my life has consisted of over the past few weeks. Last week I had 4 exams in a row which was more of an endurance test as well as memory test. My next and last exam is over 2 weeks away so I have treated myself to a whole day of Desperate Housewives (please let Tom and Lynette have a happy ending!) 

This was a little blog induced purchase, I have seen it so many times on blog's and it sounded like a fantastic idea. So I just want to put my two pennies worth in. This product really does make polish removal very easy, pop your finger in twist is against the sponge and 'ta-dah' polish gone. 

You do have to wash you hand after as your fingers feel quite oily which is not a bad thing as its obviously not too bad your nails. When you remove the lid you get a very strong nail varnish remover smell which could maybe knock a small animal out. It retails for £4.99 which I guess it a lot when you can pick up a whole bottle of remover and cotton pads for around £2. 

I will be interested to see how long a tube lasts me. I will also be interested to see how it fairs when removing glitter polishes. Overall I am very happy with my new gimmicky purchase. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely chilled Sunday x 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

One pair of eyes, four eyeliners.......

This is a bit of a random post and I am sorry for the lack of swatches but as many of you who read beauty blogs and are as obsessed with make up, like most of us here you cannot own and like just one eyeliner. To many people an eyeliner is an eyeliner but to us here we understand that is not the case. Here are my favorite eyeliners at the moment. From left to right;

2 True waterproof eyeliner- This is such a fantastic find on a recommendation of a friend. I think this was £1.99 when I brought it and it stays put all day! It's a nice intense black with a nib applicator it also seems to last for ages. I think for the price and the quality you get, this will always stay in my make-up bag. I have only seen this brand at Superdrug so far.

Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner- This is my favorite pencil liner at the moment. I use this mainly for creating a smudged eyeliner look  mainly on the top lid and recently I have been using  it on the waterline and it stays pretty well. It also does not drag your eyelid as is so creamy. While I got mine from the naked pallet this retails for £13

Rimmel Glam'Eyes liquid eyeliner- This has a really thin brush applicator which I reach for when wanting to create a thin line along the upper lash line to make lashes appear thicker. This retails for £5.29

Maybelline gel eyeliner- This come which a brush which is very handy, the eyeliner is really good as you can create a thin sharp black line of a thicker smoker look. With the right brush you can get precision with this liner and good control for doing ample looks. This retails for £7.99.

I love each of these liners for different reasons and reach for each one when I am trying to achieve a different look depending on sharpness or smokiness of the look, intensity of colour and longevity.

Whats your favorite eyeliner at the moment?

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