Monday, 11 January 2010

My wish list for the next few months......

These are the things I want to try out that are really affordable in the up coming months please let me know if you have tried any of them and if I shouldn't bother with any of them :)
relistic wish list


  1. Definitely the moisturiser! By far my HG! I will re-purchase it over and over. If you do get it let us know how you find it. Love the leave-in spray too and it smells lovely :) x x

  2. @beautybeau- As you can see I have been influenced slightly by your "my week in products" post!!! :D xXx

  3. hey i remember you from, i am going to move over to blogspot soon as well though!
    I use half of those products too, love the aussie conditioner before blow drying but you can't use it as your only conditioner as it's not really moisturising enough unless you have naturally oily hair. I love that johnson's moisturiser, it's my day cream at the moment and it's moisturising but doesn't leave a residue. I like the barry m glosses they are really bright, i hate rimmel nail polish but i suppose as i'm a manicurist i have quite high standards on polish!

  4. @laura summer- I find blogger so much easier to use and think it looks more attractive than, you will have to let me know when you swap over :D. i have one of the baryy M lip glosses in toffee and i love it because its not sticky at all! I now however want them all!! hehe if i could aford OPI I so would, I will have to treat my self one day :P xXx


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