Sunday, 31 January 2010

back with a haul!!

The whole of the month of January i have been wishing February to come as it has been so stressful in terms of my work load. So come 5pm Friday night i was ecstatic and i had a big night planed to celebrate but before hand i hit the shops for a new outfit.... but i just couldn't help my self i had to buy make up!!! I felt i deserved it after the month i had! Though i do feel really guilty i couldn't help my self i just kept putting things in my basket :(. Here is what i picked up beauty wise....
unfortunately that is my first new yrs resolution broken :( however starting from tomorrow i am going to go to the gym at least two times a week and also I'm going to have a month of healthy eating! I might try the beauty ban again later in the year maybe march time after the launch of the Alice in wonderland pallet :D xXx

p.s reviews on product will follow as i use them

Monday, 25 January 2010

final No.7 post :D

Sorry i was meant to do this last night but i just had lost of things to gt ready for today was more than a bit stressful :( but enough about that lol. These are the skin care items for No.7 that i own.

The quick thinking wipes are the best make up remover wipes i have ever used an i always pick these up with my vouchers they work out at £1.50, so i stock up I just love them and wouldn't want to use any thing elce.

The sauna mask it another repeat purchase it really warms up although this feeling didn't last as long as i would like i did however notices that it cleared up the brake out on my chin and for that reason alone i think it is going to be a bathroom shelf staple.

The moisture mask is ok and probably be really good for dry skin however i don't find myself reaching for this very often.

I love this calm skin serum which i use under my moisturiser morning and night this has become a staple in my skin care routine and i am almost on my third bottle. It has really helped to reduce the redness in my cheeks and has stopped my skin form flaring up as much.

I hope these series of No.7 post have help you all, what is your favorite NO.7 product?, I would love to know! :D xXx

Sunday, 24 January 2010


I don't normally do these but after looking through my No.7 collection and swatching the eye shadow in "Mink" I thought i would give it another try. I wore this to work yesterday all over the lid with Mac "satin taupe" On the outer Corner and have to say I fell in love with it and will defiantly be wearing this again during the week!

p.s part 3 of the No.7 posts will be up to night :) x

Saturday, 23 January 2010

No.7 part 2..

from left to right we have a concealer, tinted moisturiser, skin illuminator and a colour correcting make up base. I don't like the tinted mostriser as it leaves you skin really shinny and converge is very poor it also does not moisturise. I have been loving the skin Illuminator at the moment and am using it by mixing a big blog of it into my foundation before applying to my face and it makes me look lovely and awake :D

From top to bottom we have the colour calming base, tinted moisturiser, skin illuminator.

With the NO.7 voucher these polishes are only £1.25 such a barging so if you don't know what to spend you voucher on make sure you pick up one of these.

I'm not the impressed with the mascaras max factor is certainly a lot better , the Extravagant lashes mascara with the square brush is certainly in my opinion a gimmick and not very good.

part 3 coming tomorrow :D

Friday, 22 January 2010

help with your NO.7 voucher ....part 1

So Boots again are doing when you spend £5 get £5 off NO.7 I love this offer and always spend the vouchers I get! I was looking threw my collection and saw i had quite a lot of NO.7 (way more than i though) so thought it might be useful to some of you to give you very quick reviews on the products, so to give you some ideas on what to spend you voucher on.

above: picture of the voucher
bellow: from left to right, under eye concealer, this product is quite light and i like the applicator. The next two product are eye mousse I think these are normally around £8 which is quite expensive considering how small the tube is. They do crease ever so slightly but i don't think i put a primer under them, so this may have been the problem. lastly is an eye liner its is a pretty colour and the staying power is really good! you can also achieve a very thin line with this which i like.

On top we have the eye liner in "Midas" second we have an eye mousse in "vanilla" and at the bottom is an eye mousse in "fudge". fudge is my favorite of the three and i have almost used up the whole tube!!

I didn't think much of these eye shadows, the colour pay off was poor when i last tried them however after swatching them tonight I think i have fallen re-in love so am going to try them out again tomorrow. (Yes i know I'm silly and that the swatches are a different way round to the picture of them in the pan). Going by the pictures in the pan on the left is "Khaki" and on the right is "Mink".

If you want a closer review of anything feel free to leave a comment bellow :)
part 2 should follow tomorrow!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

progress so far....

So I went 2 Mac yesterday and brought one thing however this are the things i have managed to used up in the last 10days............

so out of these 9 products i would re-purchase two of them, fist one is the coconut and cream bubble bath it just foams so well and smells devine and i would also consider the Soap&Glory body butter.

If anybody want a review on any of these then leave a comment one and i will do one asap! :) xXx

Monday, 18 January 2010

First relapse!! :(

Ok so thous of you who have followed my blog for the last week or so will know that i am trying to not buy anything make up related till feb18th but i couldn't help my self, because of all the blogging hype and it being limited edition, I had to have the MAC mineralize skinfinish in By Candlelight! I love it so much and cant stop looking at i'm soooo glad i gave in and pick it up or i may have regretted it.
Has anyone used this for anything but highlighting???

collection 2000 polish rave

just love the colour of these three polishes and they don't chip easily. You only need 2 coast to really get the colour to look like it is in the bottle. The price is also fantastic at under £2. I only have 3 of them but am seriously considering picking up some more.
from left to right we have Button moon 33, Dynasty 35 , Wham 27

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Benefit sugar bomb!

How lovely does this look , the packaging alone is enough to make me want it!
benefit sugar bomb
check out this blog for better swatches
Has anybody tried this yet????

some help with lush...

I got this Santa bath bomb in a set for Christmas this is actually my first lush product!!!!! I didn't know if you are meant to put the whole thing into one bath or you are meant to brake it up as it seemed rather big, I opted to brake it up which I has difficulty with and resorted to cutting it with a very sharp knife, I also mad a terrible mess ..............

Was I right to do this is, is this what you are meant to do????
Also as I have herd so much about lush and want to dip into their product some time soon, would any body be able to give me any recommendations? for example if you could only buy 3 things from lush what would they be?? xXx

Friday, 15 January 2010

W7 lip velvet

Just a quick post I picked up these two W7 lip Velvets for around £1 each at TKmax ( don't worry people it was before the beauty ban) They are not a lip gloss but not yet a lip stick they are so creamy and smooth to apply and you can really build the colour up or use it a a stain. I would recommend if you stumble across one of these to pick one up :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Body shop........

The body shop has re promoted some of its old discontinued product, my favourite it the line of bath/shower gels. they retail for £3.99 and the smell Devine. I pick up the apple and the dewberry ones.
body shop

I have been using these as bubble baths as the weather is so cold a hot bath it just so appealing. My love for these product got me thinking what other product from the Bodyshop are there and so I browsed their website. It is really good as people are aloud to post there own reviews on their! Here is my little wish list for when I come of my shopping band!!!

body shop 2
I love the scent of apple and didn't realise the Body shop did this sparkling apple range of product so i cant Wait to get to the shop and smell them! They also do a warming face mask which got 5/5 on the reviews, and as my love has grown for all things warming lately I really want to try this. lastly this seaweed toner is relatively cheap for the Body shop and it got rave reviews so i though i might as well give it a go, i rearly use a toner in my skin care routine and would love to see if it actually would make a deference so though this would be as good as any to try. xXx

Has anyone elce tried any of these or do you have a different favourite product from the Body Shop???

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Curing an addiction!! :D

Ok girls like many of you I made a few new years resolutions my self, these being.... curing
  1. Become a gym bunny

  2. work harder this year

  3. Do not buy any beauty products or make up until February 18th

The 3rd one is the one I have taken on board the most and the one I am really trying to achieve but its going to be so hard. I am already lusting after so many new product. The steps I am taking to help me achieve this is not go near any beauty stores or supermarkets for that fact as I can't help but have a look at the beauty section! I am also not taking my purse to work so I physical can't spend ay money on my lunch brake! Drastic measures are needed for drastic times girls! My problem is I can't step away from things on offer I get sucked in to the 2 for 3 , BOGOF, 2 for £5 you know the drill.

Now this is incredibly scary but I think it had to be done in order for my self to see that i don't need to buy any thing elce! I took a photos all of the product in my bathroom and hear it is! *cringe*

And then............... I took pictures of the product i have in my draws in my room these are hair and skin care product *cringe*

So as you can all see I have what most people would consider more than enough if not a little excessive!!!! The reason for the end date of this challenge is I'm going to London on the 18th and Selfridges beauty hall is my idea of heaven on earth so I'm bound to have a relapse. I have decided that if I can achieve this, and its going to take a epic amount of will power, I will treat my self to two or three new mac eye shadows for my pallet :D

I will keep you posted on my progress so expect lots of reviews.
Oh and wish me luck I'm going to need a hell of a lot of it :( xXx

Monday, 11 January 2010

My wish list for the next few months......

These are the things I want to try out that are really affordable in the up coming months please let me know if you have tried any of them and if I shouldn't bother with any of them :)
relistic wish list

warming product.....

I am really into product that heat up lately i feel that they are really opening your pores and doing their magic deep down i have tired the clean and clear warming scrub which i find does not stay warm for more then 10 second and also the No.7 hydro quench thermal mask which has cleared my skin up a treat! potential repurchase me thinks! I am considering buying these two products next
soap & glory warming
Just wondered if anybody has tried them and what did they think???? and also if there are any other self heating products out there that I should try?? leave your comments bellow xXx

photo tag

I was tagged by Chloe- check out her blog I love it and she updates it so often! The rules of the tag were as follows

1. Open your first Photo Folder on your laptop/computer
2. Scroll to the 10th Picture
3. Post the photo & tell the story of it
4. Tag 5 or more people!

Here is my photo !

Ok so I really followed the rules here, I wouldn't have chosen to post this on my blog! The story behind this was a couple of years ago me and my friend were in biology and we were meant to be making a model of different processes a cell goes through but instead.......... we made a little pingue with a red nose! I still think he is quite sweet :)

I now have to tag 5 people so I tag..................

Sunday, 10 January 2010

NOTD! :)

I didn't want to stick to winter colours but didn't want to go to summery with hot pink nails. so i opted for this Barry M nail pant in "295 turquoise"

Hello Kitty by H&M

H&M have been doing lot of products with the hello kitty logo on them and I just thought I would share with you all what I have collected so far :) I do want to get a few more bit but I will have to controll my self. I love it all so much!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Brand review, Lee Stafford Ins and Outs

As I have so many product lying around my room and bathroom I though I would do a small brand focus of all the products from a specific brand and tell you which ones I love and which ones I would avoid. Today's brand focus is on Lee Stafford


  • The sea salt spry "beach babe", this product does it job fairly well and has a pleasant smell I apply it to wet hair before a go to bed and do wake up with lovely waves.

  • Hair treatment "for hair that never grows past a certain length" WOW I love this it made my hair feel super soft and really healthy my only regret is not buying another one!

  • The anti humidity spray was perfect on my holiday to Florida last year and did its job well


  • "nigh parol" keep your hair straight while you sleep, it has a nice smell but that's it, it didn't keep my hair straight while i slept i still had to use the GHD's in the morning and i couldn't see it was doing anything different than a good serum would.

  • "bleach blondes" shampoo and conditions, sorry i threw the conditioner bottle away the other day so there is not picture :( . It was the name and the colour of the packaging that attracted me to this product, i have used both of them up and they are nice but not so nice as to repurchase I'm looking to still try other brand. Also BE WARNED, ok so its my fault i didn't read the packaging, you aren't meant to use this every time you wash your hair witch i did. The result.....I got faint pink streaks in my hair!!!!
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