Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feburary favourites

I can't believe its all most march. The news year resolutions are nearly all but a faint memory though i am still going to the gym at least once a week, last week a manged 3 visits which as you can tell i am proud of an a little shocked. So here follows my products which have brought me joy over the last month :)

  1. I have been straighting my hair a lot this month so have been using Tony & guys iron it heat defence spray, which keeps my hair straight all day and also smells like you have been in the hear dressers.
  2. I have also be back combing my hair alot this month on night out to get big voulmised hair so i have been using Shockwaves ultra strong hair spray which even hold my hair after hrs of dancing and in a really really hot night club!
  3. Mac minralize skin finish, i have been loving this all month and so glad that i purchased it well worth the money.
  4. i have been applying this mac skin finish and my bronzers with this slanted powder brush by Benefit which allows for such precises application.
  5. max factor second skin foundation, gives a natural finish but yer gives a full coverage hence i have been loving it this month.
  6. maybelline the colossal mascara, gives grate volume without clumping
  7. soap and glory some like it hot thermal body scrub, i was blown away with this product now only does it heat up really really well but it retains the heat better than any other product i have tried, also it leaves skin so smooth smother than any low end brand body scrub i have ever tried.
so hears to march and another month of new product loves and discovery's!!! xXx

Saturday, 27 February 2010

new skin care routine!

Nothing has cleared the brake outs on my chin and they were really starting to annoy me so i decided to completely change my skin care. Boots were doing an offer which enabled me to get this complete skin care routine from Dr Nick Lowe for about £8. you also got a nice travel case as a bonus! They are obviously travel sizes but what a great way to test it out. what was inside...
  • purifying foam cleanser 50ml
  • sebum control toner 50ml
  • oil control day cream 2ml
  • spot gel 5ml

I really wish i had taken an before and after picture of my chin because it has made such a dramatic difference. I have been applying the spot gel to my chin before bed each night after i have cleansed and toned and now my brake out has almost completely cleared up!!! The next challenge is if it stays clear and when i next have a brake out but I will 100% repurchase the spot gel when it runs out.

I will give an update between 2 weeks and a months time :) fingers crossed xXx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Haul 4

I went to superdrug yesterday to try and pick up the Barry M neon nail paint which they didn't have (boo hiss) however three other items lepta in to my basket and before I knew it i was handing over the cash. Here is what I got.......

  • I love hair masks and tend to use them instead of conditioner, i picked up the new herbal essences split end preventer hair mask on an offer price of £1.50
  • I then picked up the herbal essences split end preventer cream for £1.50, i didn't even need this I just saw the word split ends and grabbed it!!!
  • Then i got the big 500ml pot of TRESemme hair mask for dry brittle hair it was on offer at £2 bargain!!!!

so yay more lovely stuff to clutter up my bathroom :D I'm also going to the CCO on Friday I am so excited!!!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tiffany & co request

Some people wanted to see what was in the tiffany box i got for valentines day and well this is it :D xXx My lovley boyfriend also got me a diffrent tiffany braclet last yr for our 3yr aniversary I think they are going to look lovely together. I didnt no he was going to do this and am still getting over the shock :P

Brand focus clean& clear!

Just thought i would show you what i have from this brand and what i thinking about each product :)
  • Deep cleansing warming scrub- The warming sensation does not last long and when i wash it off it seems to leave a slightly greasy trace on my face therefore i wont repurchase this.
  • Advantage quick clear daily treatment- This hasn't cleared up my brake out on my chin however it does leave my face feeling sooo soft and smooth so therefore i would repurchase.
  • Blackhead eraser mask- I do like the mask for drying out spots and also it does seem to clean deep into the pores so i like this.
  • Deep cream wash- I used to love this it worked so well however the effect does not seem to have lasted :( though i would give it another go in the future so i would repurchase this.
  • Blackhead clearing lotion- I don't feel this product does any thing enough said.

love to hear what your favorite products are from the range or if you had a different experience to me? :D xXx

Monday, 15 February 2010

haul 3

These are things i have picked up in the last 2 weeks,

  • Sudocream: I thought i was try this as i herd it is good for spots
  • Rimmel lip stick in CHIC got of ebay for £1
  • Max factor second skin foundation, I love this foundation but the shade i have is to dark for me in the winter so i went and got the lighter one,
  • Benefit get even powders, these are my 4th and 5th ones i love them and always have one in my handbag and on a night out.
  • Rimmel clear lip gloss, i just got this to go over my matt lip sticks
  • Boot Botanics eye make up remover, got this as i have herd so many good things.
  • DKNY be delicious perfume and lotion, they were selling this in boots for under £5 so i just couldn't resists!!!

valentines day

I hope everybody had a good one and if your single I hope you all went out with your girls!! I wasn't going to do this but seen as everyone elce has and people seem to enjoy reading them i thought i would jump on the bandwagon.

so i had to work yesterday :( but this is was I can home to........

I don't think he could have done it any better! He also cooked me a wonderful meal and we had a bottle of champagne, i this this was the best valentines day i have ever had out of the four years we have been together :D I am still smiling now.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

beauty innovative

I stumbled across this advert in cosmopolitan and was instantly intrigued as there is no way i can splash out on the clarisonic, the "scrublet" promises a deep pore, 360 degree cleans. It comes in normal/combination skin and then there is a pink creamier one for dry/sensitive skin and there is also a scrub for all skin types which is orange in colour.

It retails for under £5 and I am interested to try this.
Has anybody elce???

I just hope I am not as disappointed with this as I was with the neutrogena wave.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This is Barry M in 119 baby pink, i love the colour however you need 3-4 coats to get the colour in the bottle so you do get anoying dents in it where u nocked it before all 4 coasts are dry. But when i cba to do it i love the overal finish!!!

What in my bag

I love reading these posts so as i had my hand bag near me thought i would do one my self :D
i recently had a declutter so its not as full as normal.

My bag is from primark and think it was about £6I have my glasses for driving , my ipod touch, my D&G purse which i got for my 18th and i love it so much! A small umbrella £4 from primark you never no when you might need to protect your hair!Here we have soap and glory hand food, maybelline lip gloss in baby pink , mac glass in underage, soap and glory lip plumping gloss in candy, GOSH darling, benefit get even powder, amor amor perfume (my favourite), nail glue because my falsies are away coming off and my current nail polish which is maybelline express finish in 155L, fuchsia. here we have a heart diary from WHsmith, a note book from tesco £3.50 i just love the pattern, a pencil case from WHsmith, a pen, hair tie and cosmopolitan i have a subscription to the mag is it only £1 an issue such a bargain, i love it especially because it has a large beauty section at the back!

January favourites

Well the end of the first month of 2010 is over and i am quite happy about this :D hello February which is going to be a month of partying for me and also getting in shape. Any how moving on to last months favourites.....
from left to right

Maybelline colossal mascara: I have been putting 3 coats of this on and then putting lash blast over the top and it creates great results. It is this mascara which has intrigued me to try their new false lash mascara.

Max factor second skin foundation: I normally use the likes of Mac studio fix , estee lauder double where and benefit play sticks, i like my foundation to be of high coverage. I picked up the as it said it was virtually undetectable able. It says it is medium coverage but i disagree i think it is just as good as any of the above if not better as it is more light weight and belnds more easily. I am sad as i brought this in the summer and now it is to dark unless I'm wearing fake tan so i am definitely going to go and buy this in the lighter shade it my new favourite foundation!!

Mac mineralize skinfinish in "by candle light": so happy i pick this up been wearing it every day since over my benefit hoola bronzer!

NO.7 sauna mask: wow, i brake out on my chin all the time but after using this one evening i woke up brake out free in the morning, I use this once a week and thinking about upping it to two time a weeks, i have purchased a back up with my NO.7 voucher i had recently.

CHI keratin mist: I picked this up on my holiday to Florida after seeing it on YouTube and not being able to find it in the UK, with the combination of giving up the GHDs apart from on weekends and spraying this in every time i was my hair, my hair has grown so much in the last 4 months.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

requested review

so i was asked to do a review on the clean and clear cream wash and neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and masks. This is about my personal experience with these products and i understand peoples skin reacts differently.

requested review
I know soooo many people in the beauty community are in love with the neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask but I'm afraid i go against the grain on this one :( It just didn't work for me in fact i think it may have broken me out, it might just be a coincidence however it really put me off this product also i have quite sensitive skin and when i used this as a mask it made my skin react.

I loved the clean and clear sensitive wash it really kept my skin clear and i didn't brake out in my normal brake out area which is my chin. I thought this was going to become a bathroom staple for me however i ran out of this product and my local boots didn't have the sensitive one only the normal one and i don't no why but it didn't have to same effect.

My skin has been so prone to braking out recently so i have been using things specifically for spots to try and sort it out however if my skin clears up i would re-purchase the clean and clear sensitive wash as i think it is a grate product if you already have spot free skin and just want to keep it this way.

you wont like any either of these products if you like things that foam as neither of these 3 products really achieve a good lather.

P.s My January favourites will be up very soon :D xXx

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