The Babbling Blogger

I am 21 and I am a product junkie, and have probably been this way for the last 5 years or so. I am currently studying Law at university and so while that can sometimes be serious this is my outlet for all my beauty ramblings and for the stupidly superficially but equally fantastic beauty finds.

It can quite easily be the smallest things in life that can make you feel the most content like falling asleep to the sound of the rain, getting lost in a good book, watching the transition from winter to summer and finding the perfect nail polish..........and luscious lipstick......and another perfect polish. I am also a lover of cupcakes  candles and cute objects so they will likely all find their place on this space from time to time.

Here you will find products that I am loving with reviews and beauty news. With a good mix of drugstore and high end products. Most of the time I am a lover of neutrals and pink lipsticks. Your will also find posts on other themes now and again when the mood strikes. I aim to be wholly honest in any reviews that I do even if it means pointing out the negative because that is the fabulous freedom of creating your own space.
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