I review lots of products here on my blog which I have bought with my own money and try to give a wholly unbiased and honest opinion. Obviously this is still my opinion and what works or didn't work for me will be different to what will work for you. Therefore all reviews should be used as a guide and taken as opinion and not fact.

When I review a product I look at whether I was happy to have splashed my cash on it and whether I think it was value for money.

While nobody likes negativity from time to time there will be products which I regret purchasing and these will feature on my blog. I like seeing other peoples reviews of products they didn't like so you are less likely to wast your hard earned cash (because lets face it most of us haven't got as much money as we would like to spend on new beauty beauties). I think that is one of the best things about the blogging community in that you get true reflections of new products and not the air brushed view they give products in magazines.

Any products I am lucky enough to be sent will always be marked with a *.

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