Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Curing an addiction!! :D

Ok girls like many of you I made a few new years resolutions my self, these being.... curing
  1. Become a gym bunny

  2. work harder this year

  3. Do not buy any beauty products or make up until February 18th

The 3rd one is the one I have taken on board the most and the one I am really trying to achieve but its going to be so hard. I am already lusting after so many new product. The steps I am taking to help me achieve this is not go near any beauty stores or supermarkets for that fact as I can't help but have a look at the beauty section! I am also not taking my purse to work so I physical can't spend ay money on my lunch brake! Drastic measures are needed for drastic times girls! My problem is I can't step away from things on offer I get sucked in to the 2 for 3 , BOGOF, 2 for £5 you know the drill.

Now this is incredibly scary but I think it had to be done in order for my self to see that i don't need to buy any thing elce! I took a photos all of the product in my bathroom and hear it is! *cringe*

And then............... I took pictures of the product i have in my draws in my room these are hair and skin care product *cringe*

So as you can all see I have what most people would consider more than enough if not a little excessive!!!! The reason for the end date of this challenge is I'm going to London on the 18th and Selfridges beauty hall is my idea of heaven on earth so I'm bound to have a relapse. I have decided that if I can achieve this, and its going to take a epic amount of will power, I will treat my self to two or three new mac eye shadows for my pallet :D

I will keep you posted on my progress so expect lots of reviews.
Oh and wish me luck I'm going to need a hell of a lot of it :( xXx


  1. Wow thats a lot of products haha
    But honestly, if i went into my bathroom and did the same thing, i would probably have the same amount. This is a really great idea and good luck with it(:

    xo S

  2. Wow that is a lot!! But yep I bet mine would be about the same... Hehe.

    I spot that Redken treatment, I've just bought it, cant wait to try!! :) xxx

  3. good luck hun :) I bet london will be amazing :) xx

  4. Thanks you three i'm glad to know im not the only person with a bathroom like this!!!! xXx

  5. Wow that is a lot.. and yes.. I probably have the same amount. Im not going to photo it all yet!!

    Good luck with the project :)

    Thanks for follwoing my blog.. It means I found yours!

    :) Emma

  6. WOW soap and glory, Euphoria body lotion and st moriz tan hahaha looks like the contents of MY bathroom!


  7. I think if I did this my pictures would look excatly the same as yours! I wish I had the will power too ban myself! XO

  8. Well mines all kept in my bedroom so i throw out/use when i have too much...but i'm sure i'd have about 3/4 of the amount too... :| xxx

  9. Wow that is a lot of products, but to be honest I'm exactly the same as you. I could never resist the offers in Boots and Superdrug so ended up with so much stuff that I didn't allow myself to buy anymore until I'd used it up.

    Good luck with the challenge x


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