Thursday, 7 January 2010

Brand review, Lee Stafford Ins and Outs

As I have so many product lying around my room and bathroom I though I would do a small brand focus of all the products from a specific brand and tell you which ones I love and which ones I would avoid. Today's brand focus is on Lee Stafford


  • The sea salt spry "beach babe", this product does it job fairly well and has a pleasant smell I apply it to wet hair before a go to bed and do wake up with lovely waves.

  • Hair treatment "for hair that never grows past a certain length" WOW I love this it made my hair feel super soft and really healthy my only regret is not buying another one!

  • The anti humidity spray was perfect on my holiday to Florida last year and did its job well


  • "nigh parol" keep your hair straight while you sleep, it has a nice smell but that's it, it didn't keep my hair straight while i slept i still had to use the GHD's in the morning and i couldn't see it was doing anything different than a good serum would.

  • "bleach blondes" shampoo and conditions, sorry i threw the conditioner bottle away the other day so there is not picture :( . It was the name and the colour of the packaging that attracted me to this product, i have used both of them up and they are nice but not so nice as to repurchase I'm looking to still try other brand. Also BE WARNED, ok so its my fault i didn't read the packaging, you aren't meant to use this every time you wash your hair witch i did. The result.....I got faint pink streaks in my hair!!!!


  1. I think I am going to purchase the anti-humidity spray before my holiday this Summer as it would be perfect!


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  3. I use the bleach blonde shampoo & conditioner but not all the time its good cos it makes your blonde blonder and not brassy or yellow but i found it can also make my hair fairly dry unless i use a conditioner like twice!
    im gonna try the spray next time:)


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