Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Grey home accessories haul..

Homebase - Box £7.99 , Cushion £5.49

I have recently re-decorated my bedroom and turned it from being a bright hot "sexy" pink, which was my 14 year old self, into a calm white and grey, pink free zone. My colour scheme or should it be lack of colour scheme is 100% to be blamed on Pintrest. I even got more Pintrest  with my furniture - buying old pine and up-cycling it by painting it white and buying new draw handles. I blimmin love it!I was in Homebase to buy another pot of paint when I spotted these two thing. 

The "little things" box sits perfectly on my dressing table with my jewellery in as well of a bunch of USB sticks which I never know where to put. I like the glass top as it means things don't get put away and forgotten about. It was only £7.99. 

I also got the & cushion, I am going to put lots of different grey toned cushions on my bed and this one is going to sit in the middle. It was also the bargain price off £5.49 so I couldn't leave it with it being exactly the kind of thing I had imagined going in my new room. I never think to look in Homebase for actual homewear accessories but I am so happy with these little bits.

Anybody else obsessed with homewear accessories? 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Muji Hinoki Wood Tin Candle Review...

You know your getting a little older when you start becoming an candle fanatic. I lust over Diptyque candles, Neom and Jo Malone candles all the time on blogs however, they just really aren't in my price range right now. My normal go to candle brand is Yankee and they are still my favorite.

I was in MUJI when I spotted their tin candles, a friend of mine had recommended the log fire scent which I will also do a review of, they are only £3.50 so I felt justified with picking another one up which was Hinoki Wood.  It's more masculine than all the other candles I own however, if a woody scent was to be feminine it would be this candle it has a sweetness to it which is probably why I was still drawn to it. It is woody and sweet but it's not over powering and it done in a delicate way. Hinoki is a native Japanese tree often found in the really picturesque parts of Kyoto which has been on the top of my travel list for ages.

The scent pay off is not huge but maybe this is because i'm used to the very sickly scented candles of the Yankee kind. If you want something to just subtle scent the room but not be over powering in any way then this is certainly a good choice with a fantastic price. I'm also a real fan of the simple packing which complements my white and light grey bedroom.

What non-high end candles do you recommend?

Friday, 21 February 2014

March 2014 Beauty Launches...

The reason I am still hooked into the beauty industry is the consistency in which new launches are always being released which suck me in. I just thought I would start a series of posts which feature some of the next months product launches which have caught my eye.

OPI in my eyes are unbeatable in their ability to name nail polishes with the cleverest of names and the new OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection is no exception.

  There are two colours which I am most excited about from this collection the first one being "Kermit Me To Speak". Anything duo tone or multidimensional has me sold. 

The only other one from the collection that grabs my attention is "Let's Do Anything We Want" which is a rose gold glitter again i'm right there on anything rose gold so this polish screams out to me. Glitter polishes lure me in however, after struggling for hours to get them off I do begrudge them. *please please can somebody invent something which aids the removal of glitter polish to make it easier to have a fling with glitter without the commitment*. This collection will be released in March.

While discussing OPI Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Sprite and Fanta – will be the inspiration for a line of OPI limited-edition nail lacquers that will launch internationally in June 2014. I hope we see some fantastic multidimensional colours and not just flat reds and greens. I'm also expecting some more great names!

The Essie Restor collection will be hitting UK stores earlier than March and has been all over New York Fashion Week the one I particularly have my eye on is the taupe colour called "Cocktails and Coconuts". I love wearing these kind of colours on my nails as think they always look so classy and classic plus the inevitable chip doesn't show up as easily so you can get longer wear from a manicure in this colour.

I didn't mean to make this a nail polish heavy post but these are the products which has caught my eye so to throw something different into the mix lets talk eye liner.

  Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Liner contains a sharpner in the lid so it always stays sharp to me this is great as I have so many eyeliner pencils sitting in my draws blunt because I always seem to lose make-up pencil sharpeners. That isn't the sole reason i'm excited by this launch the main reason is due to the eight shades of soft, creamy and fully pigmented eyeliners to me these remind me of Urban Decay 24/7 liners in their colour range but they are my all time favorite so I look forward to swatching away with these. 

Whats launches are you looking forward to in March 2014?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

V05 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder Review...

V05 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder - Boots £4.99

This is something I must have bought when Boots have there 2 for £5 style offers and it has sat in my draw ever since..literally years. Normally before a night out I spray some dry shampoo at the roots to get some extra lift but for some odd reason it struck me to try this out finally! It shakes onto you hair like a small sprinkle of icing sugar and then you massage it in. I don't know how it works but it works. It gives you the same lift as if you had backcombed your roots but taking a fraction of the time and without the damage.

 You can feel it in your hair and it is odd at first. I imagine that some people really wouldn't like it but for me the results are worth the cost of the slightly odd feel it gives your hair and have since been shaking into my roots daily. Another way I have been using the product is when putting my hair into a pony, shaking it in all over when the hair is held in the pony style and then giving it a ruffle this boosts the volume of the final ponytail quite a but and also combats any grease from second day hair.  Noted that when it comes to washing I do try and be extra thorough as can imagine this is a product which could cause product build up. The price also makes it a beauty steal! All Boots hair care is currently 3 for 2 as of today so if you like those kind of deals I would certainly think about putting this in your mix and match if you also crave more volume at your roots.

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