Monday, 18 January 2010

First relapse!! :(

Ok so thous of you who have followed my blog for the last week or so will know that i am trying to not buy anything make up related till feb18th but i couldn't help my self, because of all the blogging hype and it being limited edition, I had to have the MAC mineralize skinfinish in By Candlelight! I love it so much and cant stop looking at i'm soooo glad i gave in and pick it up or i may have regretted it.
Has anyone used this for anything but highlighting???


  1. Hehe you gave in!! :-p Its worth it though isnt it :) I just use it on my cheek bones xxx

  2. It's gorgeous! So easy to give in when there's so much hype AND it's limited edition.
    I really like this, might go check it out if they have any left

  3. so cute , how could you not buy it ?! xo

  4. I was on the same ban and this was my first 'I shouldnt buy' but I did! haha XO

  5. @Monika- you should def go and have a look they are yet to sell out online yet which i am quite suprised about.

    @hannahbabeyx0- How could we not?!?! :P x


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