Saturday, 27 February 2010

new skin care routine!

Nothing has cleared the brake outs on my chin and they were really starting to annoy me so i decided to completely change my skin care. Boots were doing an offer which enabled me to get this complete skin care routine from Dr Nick Lowe for about £8. you also got a nice travel case as a bonus! They are obviously travel sizes but what a great way to test it out. what was inside...
  • purifying foam cleanser 50ml
  • sebum control toner 50ml
  • oil control day cream 2ml
  • spot gel 5ml

I really wish i had taken an before and after picture of my chin because it has made such a dramatic difference. I have been applying the spot gel to my chin before bed each night after i have cleansed and toned and now my brake out has almost completely cleared up!!! The next challenge is if it stays clear and when i next have a brake out but I will 100% repurchase the spot gel when it runs out.

I will give an update between 2 weeks and a months time :) fingers crossed xXx


  1. try lush coalface soap cleanser, it worked magic for me! xxx

  2. I'm going to try this!
    I hope they still have it x


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