Monday, 12 April 2010

Hyped up products that I'm glad I brought into and a few regrets!!

I'm not going to lie I love a bit of hype on blogger to me I find it exciting to hear about it, then to see it creeping into peoples hauls and finally reviews start popping up on my reading list. I then enjoy a trip into town to take advantage of introductory offers. So yes I'm a sucker for a bit of hype but hey its not doing anybody any harm, well only to my bank balance :)

Here are the products that were hyped on blogger and I'm thankful for as I would have probably over looked them....

I actually like Bourjois healthy mix foundation for when I don't feel like wearing such a heavy foundation and it covers pretty well. I like that it does not have a totally matt finish as I have been into the more dewy look lately. The concealer works really well under the eyes as it is a light liquid unlike more solid concealers which can look cakaey under the eye area. No so good for hiding spots though.

This is my first and only MSF its in "by candlelight" and I only purchased this due to the rave reviews it had on blogger. I can tell you know I am in love with this product i wear it nearly every day since I got it back in January so that is £19 well spent.

I would probably have picked up Maybellines falsies mascara anyway just souly on the packaging but I have really liked it so far there may even be a repurchase in the pip line.

I never looked at Revlon products before I starting reading blogs I always over looked it in Boots and Superdrug but my opinion about the brand has truly changed. I have worn this foundation three times so far and like its natural finish it gives, while concealing fairly well. As of yet I have not had any problems with the much talked about "glitter".

I use this Sleek "storm" pallet on a regular basis and I wouldn't have picked this up in Superdrug had it not been for blogger due to the fact that for the price I would have assumed that the quality of the product was rubbish.

I never wore lipstick before blogger but GOSH darling and Mac's cerem d'nude changed all that for the better.

As well as all the good products I have discovered there a been a few hyped up products I have had a short fling with but the relationship sizzled out fast. Here they are...

mac fix + = Just don't get it
Barry M 101= very dry, makes lips look chapped and also not flattering (on me)
Mac's lipglasses= These glosses sit in the lines on my lips and don't look nice at all


  1. I'm also into hyped products :D. Been thinking about getting Mac Fix+ but always seen mixed reviews. Some can't live without it n some think it does absolutely nothing...will test it once again at the store n go with my instinct when that time comes :). Will be getting the Bourjois Healthy Mix for sure.


  2. love this post :)
    and i agree, hyped products are always fun to go and try out!

  3. Lol I have the exact same products- except I love fix+, mac lipglasses and Barry m 101! I wear 101 with other lip products usually as it's great for toning down brighter colours or mixing pastel colours, I do like it on it's own too though as long as my lips are super moisterised xx

  4. MAC's 'by Candlenight' is also my absolute favorite:))

    I am a new follower:

  5. I love reading product reviews on bloggers although not sure my purse does lol. I love the storm palette and the maybelline mascara. Even though I don't wear foundation very often I still really want to try the Bourjois foundation x

  6. Healthy mix concealer, PhotoReady and the Sleek Storm palette are all things I've bought because of the hype on blogs about them - and I'm so glad I did read about them as I probably wouldn't have noticed them otherwise! I've never bought anything yet based on blog reviews that's disappointed me - I actually love Fix +!

    Ellie x

  7. thanks for the love on my site, i'm following you now too! =)

    love the MAC creme d'nude lipstick too, it's perfect! and fix + is a life saver. great post xoxo

  8. @cynthia- It must just be one of those products were I expected too much! :) X

    @laurasummer- 101 super dries out your lips or maybe it is just my one?!? x

    @faceit- def going to check out your blog :) x

    @penoies- you really should :) x

    @missy- def going to check out your blog :) x

  9. The MAC Creme d'nude is top of my wish list right now <3

    And I'm like you, always saw Revlon as a bit dull but bloggers appear to rave about them. Might have to try the foundation soon!


    PS/ Am a new reader and loving your blog, hun : )

    Hello-Barbie/Hollie x

  10. Most of these are things i've seen plastered all over blogger and wondered if they were actually as good as they said they were!
    I'm glad most of them worked for you :D

  11. I don't get Fix + too... like how can it be sprayed onto your face to set your makeup AND sprayed onto brushes to wet it ... HOW DOES THAT WORK?


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