Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feburary favourites

I can't believe its all most march. The news year resolutions are nearly all but a faint memory though i am still going to the gym at least once a week, last week a manged 3 visits which as you can tell i am proud of an a little shocked. So here follows my products which have brought me joy over the last month :)

  1. I have been straighting my hair a lot this month so have been using Tony & guys iron it heat defence spray, which keeps my hair straight all day and also smells like you have been in the hear dressers.
  2. I have also be back combing my hair alot this month on night out to get big voulmised hair so i have been using Shockwaves ultra strong hair spray which even hold my hair after hrs of dancing and in a really really hot night club!
  3. Mac minralize skin finish, i have been loving this all month and so glad that i purchased it well worth the money.
  4. i have been applying this mac skin finish and my bronzers with this slanted powder brush by Benefit which allows for such precises application.
  5. max factor second skin foundation, gives a natural finish but yer gives a full coverage hence i have been loving it this month.
  6. maybelline the colossal mascara, gives grate volume without clumping
  7. soap and glory some like it hot thermal body scrub, i was blown away with this product now only does it heat up really really well but it retains the heat better than any other product i have tried, also it leaves skin so smooth smother than any low end brand body scrub i have ever tried.
so hears to march and another month of new product loves and discovery's!!! xXx


  1. I love that max factor foundation!
    I got some samples, need to go buy it now..xx

  2. Great favourites :) I want to try that foundation, Love the mascara! XO

  3. @lauren- yer its a great foundation good coverage with out looking to matt and heavy :) x

    @hannahbabey- you should try it, good covergae with out being heavy :) x


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