Saturday, 19 May 2012

BlanX tooth whitening review...

I know this is not make-up related but I guess it is beauty related. I wanted to whiten my teeth but I have always been worried about ruining the enamel so wanted to try something that was going to be gentle. I picked this up from Boots. This claimed to whiten naturally. I will make this a short and sweet review.

After using this toothpaste for 2months I have not noticed a significant difference. I am also a bit concerned that it is not providing my teeth with adequate protection. It doesn't particularly leave my teeth with the freshly brushed feeling either. Therefore, I doubt I will be repurchasing this.

I brought this to try and speed up the whiting process. I don't feel it has particularly done this but it does help my mouth feel a bit fresher but, does not do as good a job as some other brands I have tired. Again I most likely will not repurchase.

These products are not awful I just feel that they have not really done allot for me there is nothing to make them particularly stand out for me, however, others may have had a different experience.

Do you know any toothpaste that really do whiten while protecting your teeth?


  1. I found blanx quite good for whitening but agree with you it doesn't make my teeth feel squeaky clean. I use it after a deep cleaning toothpaste! X

    1. Maybe I should keep with it but just buy another toothpaste for cleaning my teeth.x

  2. I use Pearl Drops sometimes after brushing my teeth with normal tooth paste. I use the Arm and Hammer whitening one too, I think I see a slight improvement.

    I think it's not just a change in toothpaste that is needed, I have reduced my intake of tea as that can stain your teeth, as can coffee. x

  3. I recently did a review of a whitening tooth paste. It's a shame this didn't do much for you! :(

    Your blog is fabulous! :)

  4. Great review!
    I am looking for a teeth whitening treatment and was considering this one so this was really helpful

  5. The review is says that the products of tooth whitening of BLANX is good, but it never gives a clean teeth as you like.

    The Review

  6. Aside from instant dental procedures to whiten one's teeth, I think I've glanced through a lot of reviews already. Just key in whitening toothpaste reviews in Google and you'll have many options. You've probably done that already, but try it again. Reviews are somehow updated. ;)


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