Monday, 15 February 2010

haul 3

These are things i have picked up in the last 2 weeks,

  • Sudocream: I thought i was try this as i herd it is good for spots
  • Rimmel lip stick in CHIC got of ebay for £1
  • Max factor second skin foundation, I love this foundation but the shade i have is to dark for me in the winter so i went and got the lighter one,
  • Benefit get even powders, these are my 4th and 5th ones i love them and always have one in my handbag and on a night out.
  • Rimmel clear lip gloss, i just got this to go over my matt lip sticks
  • Boot Botanics eye make up remover, got this as i have herd so many good things.
  • DKNY be delicious perfume and lotion, they were selling this in boots for under £5 so i just couldn't resists!!!


  1. everyone needs a clear lipgloss in there collection! :)

    OMG bargain for the perfume!


  2. Oh my gosh DKNY green apple is amazinggggg I can't believe it was only £5!

  3. nice product all of them!!!make a review someday on them!!


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