Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Haul 4

I went to superdrug yesterday to try and pick up the Barry M neon nail paint which they didn't have (boo hiss) however three other items lepta in to my basket and before I knew it i was handing over the cash. Here is what I got.......

  • I love hair masks and tend to use them instead of conditioner, i picked up the new herbal essences split end preventer hair mask on an offer price of £1.50
  • I then picked up the herbal essences split end preventer cream for £1.50, i didn't even need this I just saw the word split ends and grabbed it!!!
  • Then i got the big 500ml pot of TRESemme hair mask for dry brittle hair it was on offer at £2 bargain!!!!

so yay more lovely stuff to clutter up my bathroom :D I'm also going to the CCO on Friday I am so excited!!!!


  1. Nice haul, the Herbal Essences hair mask sounds like a great product x

  2. Ooh hair masks! I've never used them, because I use conditioner instead, but now you've made me interested in checking them out more..I'm wondering if they work better than conditioners for dry hair..

  3. Ooh im definately going to have to check out the tressemme one. I love hair masks too :) I tend to use them alot and just go to conditioner if my hairs feeling a little greasy. I used to bleach my hair so unfortunately its really dry and brittle :(xx


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