Saturday, 28 April 2012

Boujois Health Mix Foundation review...

I am writing this post while sitting in the library supposedly revising for my European Union law exam and fancied talking about something a little less demanding on the brain.

I seem to have a collection of half empty Boujois Health Mix foundations. There are three reasons for this;

 a) I  travel from home to uni a lot and therefore find it reassuring to have one at each house.

b) I change between shade 51 and 52 depending on the time of year and also fake tan. ( I am NC20 for   reference)

c) I like to buy another before I run out, in order never to experience the horror when you run out of foundation before a big night out or have to brave the high street without your war paint on. 

This foundation has been in my make-up bag for around 2yrs, I talked about it recently on my most loved  post Here . So it is only right that I give it review all of its own due to the 2yrs of testing it has been given.

I was always a high coverage girl think Esstee Lauder double-wear,  Mac studio fix and Benefit stick  foundation. I was always looking for one that gave more and more coverage. On a whim when this foundation was doing the rounds on the blogs I tried it and this is when my transition into not so intensely matte and full coverage foundations happened. In fact I am now on the hunt for the perfect coverage with a perfect glow. Link Here  to my post on dewy foundations on my wish list.

I find that this foundation provides enough coverage to hide my red cheeks while also not looking matte and covered in make-up. I even find that it last a good 6hr on its own  and around 8hr with powder (as always not the 16hr it claims). However, if on a windy rainy day like the last few days here in the UK I tend to opt for something with a bit more staying power. I also opt for a different foundation on a night out which is going to last longer in a hot club.

However,  as far as I can see on the packaging it contains no SPF which means that in photos you do not look ghostly white or a different colour to the rest of your body. For a day to day foundation I have no qualms at all and it has inspired me to go back and try other drug store foundations as I believe they have improved considerably in the last 4 years.

The fact I have been coming back to this foundation for such a long time surely means there must be something that keeps drawing me back?

What is your favorite foundation high-end or drug store?


  1. I really must try this! Ive never heard anything bad about it - and it must be good if you keep repurchasing!
    I really like Rimmel's Wake Me Up which ive heard is similar - but i reckon ill give the Boujois a try next time and compare the two xx =]

    1. I was thinking of trying the Rimmel wake me up foundation next time it comes on offer as like the Boujois have only herd good things. x

  2. Beautiful and very inspiring posts and blog! We share the same passion so let's follow each other!:)

  3. Thanks for your review! Is it good for oily skin?

    1. I don't have particularly oliy skin only on my nose but I don't think it would stay too well as it certainly doesn't last as long on my nose as the rest of my face. x

  4. I really want to try this! Didn't know it had been around for as many as two years! Definitely will try to pick this up soon.

  5. Thanks so much for this review. Like you I am a Mac Studio Fix fan. Will definately give this a try. xxx

  6. Yes, you are right, most of foundations look ghostly white.
    Nice review!

    Stéph❀nie's Notebook


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