Wednesday, 3 February 2010

What in my bag

I love reading these posts so as i had my hand bag near me thought i would do one my self :D
i recently had a declutter so its not as full as normal.

My bag is from primark and think it was about £6I have my glasses for driving , my ipod touch, my D&G purse which i got for my 18th and i love it so much! A small umbrella £4 from primark you never no when you might need to protect your hair!Here we have soap and glory hand food, maybelline lip gloss in baby pink , mac glass in underage, soap and glory lip plumping gloss in candy, GOSH darling, benefit get even powder, amor amor perfume (my favourite), nail glue because my falsies are away coming off and my current nail polish which is maybelline express finish in 155L, fuchsia. here we have a heart diary from WHsmith, a note book from tesco £3.50 i just love the pattern, a pencil case from WHsmith, a pen, hair tie and cosmopolitan i have a subscription to the mag is it only £1 an issue such a bargain, i love it especially because it has a large beauty section at the back!


  1. I love to see the Whats in my purse blogs and youtube videos. The funny thing is that I was planning on doing one today! haha. Great minds think alike! :)

  2. love these posts lol we have the same primark bag yay lol i have it in red blue & black x

  3. @love life. they do :D x

    @juicy- i saw it in red and blue the other day an was so tempted to get it in another colour i might just have to! :D x


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