Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brand focus clean& clear!

Just thought i would show you what i have from this brand and what i thinking about each product :)
  • Deep cleansing warming scrub- The warming sensation does not last long and when i wash it off it seems to leave a slightly greasy trace on my face therefore i wont repurchase this.
  • Advantage quick clear daily treatment- This hasn't cleared up my brake out on my chin however it does leave my face feeling sooo soft and smooth so therefore i would repurchase.
  • Blackhead eraser mask- I do like the mask for drying out spots and also it does seem to clean deep into the pores so i like this.
  • Deep cream wash- I used to love this it worked so well however the effect does not seem to have lasted :( though i would give it another go in the future so i would repurchase this.
  • Blackhead clearing lotion- I don't feel this product does any thing enough said.

love to hear what your favorite products are from the range or if you had a different experience to me? :D xXx

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