Wednesday, 12 February 2014


This blog my unintentionally have to take a little turn in a different direction for a while I haven't been spending much money on make up lately ( I say this but inevitably loads of make-up and reviews will still find there way onto the blog) and for a while not even wearing much make-up because 2013 for me was the year of travel.

One of my Favorite quotes is " The world is a book and those who never travel only read one page of it."

I have always loved going to new place and there are umpteen more on my list and 2013 certainly made a really good go of hopefully a life time of adventures.

One of the first places I went to this year was "The City of Spires" AKA Prague in the Czech Republic. This was somewhere which had been on my list for years and it certainly didn't disappoint. I adore Gothic architecture and a  medieval feel. There were many little streets to get lost down as well as a mini Venice. I would really love the revisit to Christmas time as I think it would be just so picturesque and have a really magical feel to the place.

Just thought I would share a few snaps I took while there.

We stayed in a really cheap hotel as were traveling on a budget think we paid £15 each a night and while it was basic it was clean and the staff were friendly. There were trams running into the city center ever 20min at the cost of about 40p so it was really worth staying a bit further out. There was also a Pizza place juts round the corner where we ate most evenings as a two course meal was about £5.


  1. I've been meaning to book for here, these pictures are stunning! Lovely pictures!


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