Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Grey home accessories haul..

Homebase - Box £7.99 , Cushion £5.49

I have recently re-decorated my bedroom and turned it from being a bright hot "sexy" pink, which was my 14 year old self, into a calm white and grey, pink free zone. My colour scheme or should it be lack of colour scheme is 100% to be blamed on Pintrest. I even got more Pintrest  with my furniture - buying old pine and up-cycling it by painting it white and buying new draw handles. I blimmin love it!I was in Homebase to buy another pot of paint when I spotted these two thing. 

The "little things" box sits perfectly on my dressing table with my jewellery in as well of a bunch of USB sticks which I never know where to put. I like the glass top as it means things don't get put away and forgotten about. It was only £7.99. 

I also got the & cushion, I am going to put lots of different grey toned cushions on my bed and this one is going to sit in the middle. It was also the bargain price off £5.49 so I couldn't leave it with it being exactly the kind of thing I had imagined going in my new room. I never think to look in Homebase for actual homewear accessories but I am so happy with these little bits.

Anybody else obsessed with homewear accessories? 


  1. I'm doing the same thing - my room used to be all pink but gradually in adding calmer colours line white and grey, and keeping my darker wood furniture which I still love.

    I have that little box but in wood - it's so handy for camera/ iPad accessories :) xx

  2. My room is unluckily still pink:(
    That cushion is really cute!
    Just stumbled upon your blog- its awesome!
    Wonder if you could check mine out if you have time...
    Sneha xx
    Miss Joy


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