Monday, 1 March 2010

Maybelline XXL extensions mascara

I brought Maybelline XXL extensions mascara recently as i wanted really volumised false looking lashes, maybe i was being to expectant! So onto the review

Brush: The brush is the old traditional style bristle brush which is quite petite when compared to today's brushes such as Mayballine's recent successes "the colossal".

Formula: The formula is not clumpy however it is also not long lasting as i put this on the other day for a lazy Sunday and with in 2hrs i had the pander eye effect! this alone means the mascara is not rated highly in my books.

The white primer: This was grate to add volume and length to my lashes and although this will not become my go to mascara i will continue to use the white primer under my favoured cover girl lash blast.

The black mascara: It is nothing special and reminds me of a very cheap mascara however it does not clump yet it does not lengthen or volumies either.

If anybody knows of an amazing mascara which gives the false lash effect to short eyelashes please let me know :D x


  1. OMG, this used to be my all time fav mascara but since I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE recently I thought it was discontinued. It's good to see that it's back even tho the name and the packaging have changed a little :P

  2. You *MUST* try Avon's mascara that turns 3 times, think it's called Superlash. It's the one where you can get 3 different looks. On the 3rd setting it gives amazing false lash effect and is often on offer for only £5. Best mascara ever!


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