Friday, 19 March 2010

Every day make up storage solution

I do store my make up in a big set of draw but searching for it in the morning and then putting it back was something i was not amazing at my desk tended to look like this after a few days.........

So i pooped into tesco with my boyfriend last night to get dinner and these pink draws were half price as £4 so I picked one up, i decided to put into the draws things that i am using every day that week.I will show you what is in each draw if you see any thing you would like a review on then just leave it in the comments below. :)

Top draw

Middle draw Bottom draw I think i will rotate what is in the draws on a fortnightly bases so that i can rediscover and use things in my collection


  1. What a cute solution :) I am going to have to get some containers of some description soon as I have an entire chest of drawers, bookcase and 7 bags of make up chaos!

  2. i had to buy a giant one of these (its 3 feet tall lol!) because my vanity was turning into such a mess between makeup and hair stuff and lotion and all that crap. it's SUCH a lifesaver! this one is really cute and that's awesome you got it half price!


  3. I love your pink drawers!!!Soo girly!!

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  5. Hi, you have such a nice drawer! wish I could find something like that here!

    Have a great day, come to visit my blog and follow;)

    XoXo, SummerBabe

  6. Very cute and organised!!
    I am a new follower, sweetheart :)

  7. ohhh, the storage is pretty! I think it would be a great idea to change it fortnightly as i think everyone is guilty of using the same stuff over and over

    Hello-Barbie/Hollie x


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