Sunday, 7 March 2010

haul 6!

I popped into boots yesterday and here is what i picked up, i had £35 worth of points so i though i would spend some though this decision was made due to a lack of other funds. what i got ...

  • L'oreal perfect clean in dry/sensitive with the pop out scrublet, I have been drawn to this since i first saw it advertised so yes i am a sucker for advertisements and the PR people got me suckered (again *sigh*). I used it last night and I am so far impressed as the scrubblet it white you can literally see your make up come off which is quite satisfying.
  • Maybelline falsies mascara, any thing that promises big lashes i buy and the tube is pink enough said,.
  • boots tea tree nose strips, these get black heads out like a treat they are a repeat purchase i use them all the time.
  • Boots No7 wipes, best make up wipes i have ever used and boots are doing their No.7 vouchers again so i got these for about £1.50!!!

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  1. I'm waiting for a review on the maskara!I love maskaras tell me what you think of your new one!!!

  2. Ah I saw that L'oreal perfect clean whilst gandering in superdrug, I was quiet intrigued. I bet the srublet feels good on your face right?

  3. Hi, just found your blog and think it's great! I want to try that new mascara myself!

  4. @lovley- will do! x

    @monika- yer it feels really good and you get to see all you make up comeing off therefore you know when your face is truley clean! x

    @olivia- Thank you! :) x

  5. Really wanna try that perfect clean stuff, looks a bit different. How much is it?x

  6. alexandra@ it's on offer in all the shops at the moment so i got it in Boots for around £3.50 :) but i think it is normally under £5 xXx


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