Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Never Ending Love....

Some products just seem to be in your make-up bag for longer then you realise and yet you never identify them as being one of your must have products. These four products have not only been in my make-up bag for ages some of them seem to go on and on and on.

Urban Decay Naked Pallet- Ever since I purchased the naked pallet over a year ago,  I have never felt a need to buy any other eyeshadow pallet. Every other pallet I see in the shops I compare to this. Not only are the colours brilliant but the quality of the eyeshadow is second to none.

Benefit Get Even powder- This powder at first glance is just your average powder however, it completely cancels out redness more so than any other setting powder I have used. This comes with me in my make-up bag, on a night out and in my handbag. I have used  it on and off almost daily for over two years and yet still I am not finished with it..

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation- I blogged about this foundation right when I started blogging it was only when I was looking through my previous posts I realised how long this relationship has lasted.  There has been flirting with other foundations in-between but I always come back to this. I  must have repurchased at least 5 times.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer- I have had this for about three years using it on a very frequent basis and yet it is still going. Now I know Benefit products are not cheap, but I've used cheaper products like Rimmel and I seem to go through their bronzer within a month therefore the extra money initially is worth it.

What products of yous seem to go on for ever?


  1. I've decided to ask for the NAKED Pallet for my birthday this year. It's a bit too pricey at the moment for me to buy it myself but I'm sure if I ask nicely someone will buy it me for my 23rd :D

    I had the 'Midnight Cowboy' shade a few years back and it was so beautiful, no idea if they still make it now.

    Nice post :D

    Amy x

  2. Love the naked palette!!

  3. i flit and change, i adored healthy mix but its no longer for me, but i love seeing other peoples staples xx

  4. I love my naked palette as well. Haven't bought an eyeshadow since as always use these :D



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