Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have been meaning to put this up for a while, here is my small haul from last week :) This will be the last haul for, fingers crossed, 30days and counting i am going to go on project bathroom again for the second time this year after failing miserably as the beginning of the yr. So expect lot of reviews to be coming up. I think i might save the packaging and show you all what i have used up therefore i can track my progress ( even if it is slow) while giving my opinion.

so for the last time here is was i picked up in Boots the other day ( saying this saddens me)

  • Tresemme hair spray volume & lift , good for back combing hair on a night out £3 on offer at Boots.
  • Clearasil over night was , 2 for £7.50 at Boots
  • Clearasil over night serum , 2 for $7.50 at Boots
  • No.7 calm skin balm picked up with N0.7 voucher, this is my third bottle of this i love it and is a staple in my skin care regime.

so that is my final haul for 30days, i think i am already 4days in and so far so good, wish me luck :)

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  1. Great blog, so glad I stumbled across it!
    Good luck with quitting the hauls!
    Could you do a review of the resemme hair spray, if your not too busy?


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