Sunday, 28 March 2010

March favourites :) Part 1 skin care

So we are 3 months into the yr which is 2010 and already there has been many hyped up beauty products which I'm sure many have brought into, me included. So here is was I have been loving this month in the world of skin care and make up.

First is skin care

from left to right

  • This is the scrublet that comes with the l'oreal cleanser and while I didn't rate that, I do love the "scrubblet" that came with it and wish they sold these separately. I feel that it makes my cleanser work harder and really gets all my make up off and works down into the pores while gently exfoliating. I do know that soap & glory sell a similar face massager so I might have to purchase one of those when my L'oreal one gets mucky.
  • DR Nick Lowe , spot treatment gel is AMAZING it has cleared the brake outs on my chin like nothing else has ever done before, I will defiantly be purchasing a full size when the sample runs out.
  • Superdrug vitamin E illuminating moisturising cream, I have been using the everyday under my foundation and really really rate this product so much that I did a rave review on it. click here to check out the review.
  • Garnier pure active deep poor unclogging wash, I picked up this as my spots on my chin have gone but there marks still remain this product promises to fade them and so far I can see a slight improvement even after 2 weeks.

Part to will follow shortly


  1. Hi,
    where can I buy DR Nick Lowe? do they have online store?


  2. summerbabe@ you can get it in largewr Boots and :) x

  3. Love favorites!!!Its my favorite post!!

  4. Favourites are my fave posts too! I've always been weary of facewashes.. I like to feel something a bit more like a scrub i don't feel like it's getting in my pores if that makes any sense!


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