Friday, 4 October 2013

A beauty transition...

Over the summer traveling has been my pastime, carrying just a rucksack. Wearing minimal
make-up has been so refreshing! My skin has also been behaving which likely is down to not wearing war paint on a day to day basis. Having just the hint of a tan can help cover a multitude of sins making going fresh faced less scary. Not hauling all the latest beauty buys over the last few months I wanted to share with you my staples which have been in my minimal make-up bag and haven't let me down. So while non of the products are sparkling and new with most having seen better days I thought a mini review of all was due seen as they have traveled the world  Europe with me.

MaxFactors False Lash Effect Mascara has to be the most repurchased item in my beauty stash. It builds up nicely giving a dramatic look, isn't clumpy, it's too wet so when you sneeze it doesn't transfer (why is it when putting on mascara you feel the need to sneeze even with no cold in sight!). The best thing about this mascara is that it does all of that with the added wonderfulness of washing right off when in the shower. I have previously raved about Benefit There Real mascara but it isn't half hard to remove plus its almost double the price of this little gem.

I have babbled about this Neutrogena beauty time and time again. What I like most is the pump as it makes it easy to work with in the morning without dipping fingers in and out of pots and trying to screw the lid back on while balancing the blob of moisturiser on a finger, where it is a race against time before it drips down the black jeans you have just put on. It sinks in straight away and has a fab SPF level which is one of the things that draws me to purchasing a moisturiser as we all know we should be doing it!

So in such a minimal make-up routine the last thing you might expect to see is a Make-up ForEver HD  Primer. I have quite rosey cheeks which is the main flaw that I am trying to cover up. This yellow toned primer is good enough at it's job that with a hint of a tan I could almost get away with just wearing this. That is why it has secured a place in my minimal make-up bag.

Two foundations were needed to switch up my shade as I got what must have been the first glimpse of a tan in years. I could wear a  foundation shade reserved for fake tanned skin without needing to have gone thought that laborious process (Maybe i'm doing it wrong).

First is Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation - I brought this on a whim, I asked the girl at the counter to colour match me and let me try it on, With that she slapped it on over my normal foundation. I spluttered out that I already had make-up on which she simple replied that's not an issue and carried on. Well I have never had a face so caked in make-up and when I got home and promptly removed it for the first time I though wow I look so much better without foundation on! For some reason even after the foundation looking horrid I still purchased (Probably because after years I have yet to try a Benefit product which actually looked Halloween style when applied correctly)

When applied in a normal quantity this foundation is so light and creates a fresh faced natural finish with that added glow of health we all look for. It is super blendable as even when transitioning from ghost to human during the summer the one shade almost took me all the way though, perfect to create a look of no make up make up. The staying power is pretty darn good considering it's lightweight feel.  

MaXfactor Smooth Effects Foundation is one I had in my draw purley due to it once being £3 in Boots and I needed a foundation for the fake tanned days and for that price is was worth a shot. As far as I can tell it also had no SPF in which I like as this was a foundation intended for wear at night so you don't look see-though in photos. The texture when applying is unique, imagine smoothing baby powder into your skin and this is what applying this feels like. It certainly does give you a smooth effect (always nice when it does what it says it does) a little gives a nice even finish but I wouldn't say it was buildable  coverage as then it can start to look a little matte which isn't the look I go for at the moment. You can still pick is up in Boots for £7.99 which is a pretty nice looking price for a higher end of the self selection market. 

Benefit  Hoola, I hoard few bronzers which I could probably pin point to the fact that this one works perfectly. It is matte making it great for everyday use and the colour doesn't come out too strong at first sweep but you can build until you get the depth of colour you like so is perfect for lighter skin tones. 

I have included a Maybelline 24hr Super Stay lip laquire for night where I need to glam it up a notch. It really does last even when having many a cocktail. I have also been braving wearing it in the day just patting it into lips like a lip stain to give a pop  wash of colour on the lips. Which has been what I consider rather daring! 

I recently switched form liquid to pencil as it just gives a softer effect than a harsh black line. My particular favorites are the Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils as they are just so creamy but have a good staying power. I also love the colour range that they come in, it has to be one of the most expansive! I'm currently using Oil Slick and even thought it has the glitter in I still use it in the day as it can create a softer smokey look rather than a solid black line. I have included a picture bellow oh how thick of faint you can make it which is why pencil has become in vogue due to a softer look needed in summer.

While being rather boring and minimal over the summer months i'm looking forward to seeing the new pallets and kits launching for Christmas!

p.s Congratulation if you stayed with me this far!

Have a good weekend 

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