Friday, 25 October 2013

A day in Bratislava...

I realised that I am currently on a bit of a review over load, I love writing them but thought maybe I should start sharing some other things that are going on at the moment what with a big changing happening in my life in a few weeks time. Other than beauty, travel is one of my other passions I love going on weekends away and discovering amazing new places as i'm sure you also do. So I thought I would share some Snaps of places I have been lucky enough to visit this summer...

I went inter-railing this summer and we got a flight into Slovenia to visit the capital Bratislava

It was a very small city and there wasn't a lot to see however I really enjoyed visiting somewhere which wasn't heaving with tourists and full of people trying to sell you things so you can just wander around and explore for yourself. The last photo shows our breakfast! As ignorant as it is the reason we ended up with chips is because it was the only thing we could understand on the menu and nobody in the cafe was able to speak English!

I hope to share some more snaps with you soon hopefully of better quality next time!

Has anybody else been to Slovakia or indeed Bratislava?

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