Sunday, 13 October 2013

Beautiful Brows Review...

Beautiful Brows £38

This was an impulse purchase at IMATS earlier in the year I let the assistant apply it for me and of course they made it look so easy and I had a...where has this been my whole life moment. In the kit you get one eyebrow powder which comes in several shades, a highlight, three stencils, a brush and tweezers. I got matched to this incredibly dark shade which I would never have chosen myself but applied in moderation I think it is actually perfect.  One concept I like about this kit is that their website stocks replacements for any bits that the house elves steal. Once you finish the powder you can just replace it without having to buy the whole kit again. The kit is a little chunky for traveling and could probably be made sleeker as it too bulky to put in your make-up bag.

They eyebrow powder itself is overzealous in pigmentation and you need the tiniest bit to give your brows definition. I can't even seen a need for me to ever repurchase this product as you need to smallest amount! Due to how pigmented the powered is and much comes away on the brush  in one swipe, the process can be a little messy hence I actually also use this kit to shape and pluck my brows. I opt for the sleek stencil and then make my brows extremely dark plucking away hairs which do not fall within the now scarily dark brow  shape. This is my main love for this kit in that I need not worry that my eyebrows are even uneven or odd shaped again. The tweezers in the kit are of a decent quality and if like me you misplace tweezers like there is no tomorrow I can say having a little home for them in this kit has made me keep hold of them for several months so far. The addition of the highlighter makes this kit feel complete and it is nice to have a highlighter with not too much shimmer.

Price wise yes I think it is a little on the expensive side however, this could be the only brow product I need to ever purchase to keep brows in order which is a bold brow statement! Beautiful brows also claim that the brow powder when set is water resistant and will stay put all day! Overall I have a mixed opinion of this product...perfection it is not but it can certainly help you on the quest for beautiful brows. 

What is your favorite brow product and do you go for a sleek or fuller shape?


  1. I use Benefits Browzings to do my brows and sometimes I use some brow gel. I would love to get some stencils like those though!


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