Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Zara Bucket bag (picture heavy)

So here is another fashion related post from me.

 I love this bag so much as think it will go nicely with any summer dresses I wear as the colour is a lot less harsh than black. It also has plenty of room for all my junk so will also be perfect for uni.

There is also a strap that you can use if you so wished but I don't think I will. I think the price is very reasonable for such a big bag and from Zara. I love Zara but I always find there prices a bit hit and miss it is either really expensive or your pleasantly surprised.

My only qualm is that is doesn't have any zipped pockets but I am sure that I can live with this.

Hope everyone has a lovely day in this fab sunshine, lets hope it lasts till the weekend so we can crack out the BBQ's and the Pimms x


  1. Oh i love this bag!! it's a gorgeous colour, and so much cheaper than I'd expect from Zara!x

  2. Love the look of this bag. Very chic and sophisticated.The size is also perfect for just throwing it stuff. I can see myself wearing this with a white loose shirt with black skinny jeans and gladiator sandals for the summer. Perfect sumemr outfit? I think so. You have great taste. I followed your blog today :)

    1. oh forgot to say that £39.99 is a really decent price for this bag. You got to love Zara and their expensive looking items but at reasonable and easy on the pocket prices. :)

  3. lovely bag

    say hello to your newest member, hope youll check out mine

    Gem x

  4. Hey, I love your blog and I've nominated it for the Liebster Award. You can read about it in my post here: :)

    Emily x


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