Thursday, 17 May 2012

Make-up For Ever Full Cover review....

This is the only Make-up For Ever product that I own and I must say it makes me want to try others. This is a full coverage waterproof concealer which discribes itself as extreme camouflage cream  and it does just that.

I used my mole as a reference point, its not the perfect colour on me purely as I have been using gradual tan but normally it is fine. With more time spent blending and with a powder I am sure you could completely cover moles. I have also used it on friends who have found themselves with random bruises after nights out and it works quite well.

I apply this under my eyes before foundation and it covers dark circles well and look natural once a foundation had been applied over it. I also use this to hind any redness on my face before foundation. The smallest amount goes a long way so the 15ml tube will last a while.

Overall I think it is a very good product for high coverage and it does stay put for a long time I often apply a little when I go to the gym as it is sweat proof.


  1. i LOVE that brand....their hd foundation, lip products, and eyeshadows are awesome :) this looks fab, will try some

  2. i have been looking for a concealer for under my eyes & this seems like a good contender!

  3. Oh wow!
    That's AMAZING.

    *must get, must get*

    Btw, I love your blog. (:

  4. I've really been wanting to try this concealer but a bit standoffish because of the price! But this is definatly great review!\

  5. I really wish this brand was more accessible in England, there's so many things I'd like to try!X


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