Sunday, 5 August 2012

Too Faced Natrual eye pallet review

This was on my wishlist for a long time before I managed to pick it up I love Too Faced cosmetics and Urban decay but I wish they were more easily available. For anybody who wants the Urban decay Naked pallet but winces at the price this I feel is a good alternative in someways it even out does the Naked pallet. What I love about this is that it guides you on how to use each shadow in the pallet so it grate for those who are not so confident with putting different looks together.

The day look contains the perfect matt colours for and easy effortless everyday look

The Classic look has some gorgeous shade with 'Silk teddy' being one of my favorite as its defiantly is closely related to Urban decays sin which I raved about here.

With the fashion look comes some unique colour's 'Nude beach' will be loved by those who love glitter in their shadow and be hatted by those who hate chunky glitter with potential problems with fall out. 'Cocoa Puff' which is a dark brown with fine gold glitter in which I think is my winner from this pallet.

Overall it has a grate mix of matts, shimmer and glitter shads the can be worked in many different combinations for those who are colour fobes which I think is quite a lot of us. While I picked it up in Boots in Brighton maybe a year ago you can find it here on £26 is still quite high however, I am sure you would get so much use from this pallet the only thing I think it is missing is a black for a very dark smokey eye but, I am sure most of us have one of those or 20 in our collection.

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  1. This looks like a gorgeous palette! Very much like the NAKED palette. I have never tried Too Faced but looks lovely!



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