Friday, 18 May 2012

Mac MSF collection.......

 from left to right , By CandleLight,   Soft and Gentle , Redhead

MSF's are one of the prettiest things on the beauty counters and while I have realized that many when swatched give the same result they are just too pretty to look at. For the moment these are the only three I need in my collection however, I doubt it will remain a trio forever. 

By CandleLight,  was the fist MSF I ever purchased and it was due to beauty blogs that I did. When it was released in a collection it was coveted  on the blogs so when passing a Mac counter I made a stop and swatch it to see what all the fuss was about. It was love, it gave such a beautiful sheen too the skin that I knew it had to be mine. This has got to be one of my best purchases as years later I still use is at least once a week  and has never left my make-up bag.

Soft and Gentle, was my second purchase. This one has a much more gold tone to it with a lot more sparkle. It has to be my least favorite out of the three purely as I feel it is the least wearable on my NC20 skin tone. I reach for this when doing my make-up for a night out as in that case sparkle is well and truly in.

Redhead,  I brought this when it was re-promoted recently by Mac as had always regretted missing out on the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead collection. This is fairly similar to By CandleLight in that it had more pink undertones than gold. However, what I love about this is you can choose which shades to wear sometimes I just used the shade on the left under my brow or for a pure highlight and sometimes I use more of the right side to make a nice blush.

What is your favorite Mac MSF?


  1. MAC MSF's are probably one of my favourite products from the brand! :)

  2. I have soft & gentle stashes somewhere, I must dig it out, i absolutely love it.
    nice blog :)

  3. Soft and gentle looks gorgeous! its a shame its the least wearable though, I think By Candlelight is going to have to be added to my wish list...! xxx

  4. 'Soft and Gentle' looks gorgeous! Great review x


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